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You've seen it in the forums. Now Tactical Assault has arrived at Armada II Files.

Promising a real change to gameplay --your dependence on the admiral's hero ship for technological advance, new ship balance requiring new fleet formations, and the removal of warp speeds from the combat-- Tactical Assault combines a quantum leap in overall programming with the killer graphics that Yacuzza provides. An incredible amount of work went into this mod, and the sheer love of the game shows through in this demo.

Be advised of the following before you download, however:

Single player missions are NOT SUPPORTED in this mod. If you like the single player campaign, install Tactical Assault on a separate download using the truly awesome self-installing executable file (and enjoy the video, too).

This mod includes only the Borg, Cardassian Union, Dominion, and Romulan Star Empire. So Starfleet kids such as myself will have to wait for the full version.

This is a demo of a total conversion for Armada II. It may take you several hours (or years, depending on your connection speed) in order to get it all downloaded. Your patience with FileFront's servers is appreciated.

Also, this is still only a demo. So if you encounter any bugs, please advise Yacuzza of them using our forums. Comments on this page may or may not be dealt with directly. Comments in the forums are far more effective.

That said, what are you waiting for? Get out there and play.

- the Kid





Armada Tactical Assault - Demo Release



Install Instructions

1. Insatall ST Armada 2 game to your PC

2. Patch game to version 1.1

3. Insatall Tactical Assault to your A2 default directory.


Game info:

v1.0.0 - Demo Release

Races in mod are borg,cardassian,romulans and dominion.
Game uses dilithium & tritanium as resources. Important thing is admirals ship that you get when you star to play, 
with that ship you gain control over many important ships and upgrades in your fleet,but if your ship is lost in battle 
you will not be able to use its advantages in future gameplay. All units are balanced by % and have their defensive 
and offensive value in game. Game uses new physic for ships and has no warp in game.

Single player is not supported !



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