Tactical Cube Re-Texture



In terms of firepower, you're going to be pushed to find something as powerful as the devastating Tactical Cube (from Voyager) bar maybe a Species 8472 battleship. Fact remains, it's a big ship and in the stock game, it hardly had the most impressive textures, what with it being entirely covered in dull grey armour. Obviously it's the simple and effectiveness of the Borg shining through, but it's boring. This re-texture nicely turns it around.

Freakman, using Night Wolf's very good Borg textures, have adapted these for use on the stock Tactical Cube (and Tactical Fusion Cube) giving it a vastly enhanced look. Gone is the dull grey. Now, we get the terrifying sight of the standard issue Borg metal with heavy armour in front. Considering that the rest of it is stock, I've got to hand it to Freakman for making this look so very good. You definitely can't fault the quality of placing of the textures. Obviously, not a huge file, this simple mod will make part of your stock game look far far better. Definitely a worthy download.



Freakman's Voyager Tactical Retexture

First of all, thank you for downloading this mod.

This is the stock Borg Tactical Rextexture which was made to resemble the
original Tactical Cube from the "Voyager" series. Yes these textures also
include alpha channels.

Special thanks must be given to Night_Wolf as I used his Borg Cube
Textures mod as the main skin.

To install:

Back-up your original tactical cube textures should you enjoy them more
than mine.

These files are:
-btactical.tga with corresponding files ending with _1.tga and _2.tga

-btacticalb.tga with corresponding files

-btacticalc.tga with corresponding files

Copy and paste my "Textures" folder to your main Armada II directory and
overwrite if necessary.

Included are also two AdmiralsLog pictures should you want to use them.
Again, back-up your original pictures if you prefer your current ones.


This was a simple mod designed using Paint but don't underestimate it. I
think it looks closer to the Voyager Tactical Cube from the series but
it's all about personal taste. I hope you think the same as well.

As usual, you may use these textures in your mods as you wish as long as
you give me and/or Night_Wolf credit for these textures.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Special Credit: Night_Wolf, and of course Activision

So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy smashing your enemy to bits with
a Tactical Cube that finally looks like the true Borg!


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