Talarian Batris Freighter

The TNG episode "Heart of Glory" was one of the first Klingon-centric episodes, featuring Worf, in the show's first season. It also featured...


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The TNG episode "Heart of Glory" was one of the first Klingon-centric episodes, featuring Worf, in the show's first season. It also featured Geordi's VISOR seen from first-person perspective. And other than that, it was mostly terrible. For some reason, these renegade Klingons were onboard a Talarian freighter called the Batris. That freighter then blew up --and a year later, in the equally terrible "Shades of Grey" clip show, it blew up about twenty times. Between it and the hapless USS Tsiolkovsky, it was a toss-up as to which explosion effect was more overused in the first couple seasons of TNG.

But later, the model would reappear time and again, mostly as redressed designs in almost as many variations as the Merchantman freighter. Now, mishkaco offers you the upgraded Batris freighter, along with its only known armaments, the otherwise-never-mentioned-again merculite rockets.

Note that, again, the build button and wireframe are missing, while the admiral's log pic is present. Some of you say "so what, who can't make a build button or a wireframe?" The answer to that question is, me.

Also note that, once again, there's a file included without specific permission. It's something mishkaco refers to in the readme. I'm letting it slide this time in the hopes that we'll get a straight answer this way. Please speak up if that missile is your work.

Download this one and re-live all your favourite scenes from episodes we'd rather forget.


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Download 'batris.zip' (487KB)

Talarian Batris Freighter

This is the often seen and modified Batris Freighter, owned by the Talarians, and stolen by renegade Klingons in the first season of TNG. Since then, this ship in various forms has been seen in all the series of Star Trek. It was stated the Batris was armed with merculite rockets, whatever thsoe are, but I've included a rocket type weapon for this ship, along with a Talarian laser/phaser. 
This ship is setup to be a cargo ship for the Klingons in Armada2, but use it anywhere you want. 


Put the two sods in *sod
Put the two TGA files in *texturesrgb
Put batris.odf in *odfships
Put the other odfs in *odfweaponsphotons
Put the bmp file in *bitmapsadmiralslogshipimages
Put the two wav files in *soundseffects

ship was originally for SFC, created by ModelsPlease. Converted to A2 by Fahres, and weapons and ship ODF by Mishkaco. Not sure where the 'missile' model came from? Its been in my A2 directory for ages. Whoever did it, if you tell me, i will add yoru name here. Please forgive me for this liberty.

enjoy everyone now the merchantman is not alone! Be ware of KLingons! 


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