Team Assimilation

A good 4 player map. I tried it out and it worked fine.


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A good 4 player map. I tried it out and it worked fine.

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Map Name: Team Assimalation
Players: 4 (Not 5, I explane this further down)
Made By: Kardon

Note: This was made using Armada2 V1.1 you may need the patch to play.

Installing - Extract the zip file into C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn or where ever your armada2\bzn folder is

This map has 4 starting locations on the bottem of the map for one team, the other starting location (in the middle, i can't seem to fix that) is for the one opponent who you wont fight (i just needed one enemy to make the map playable). The rest of the map is a bunch of borg ships and there is also 3 blackholes with crew killing nebula's around them so watch out. Your starting area has 4 M, D, K and J class planets, one for each player, there is a line of normal and inf. dilithium moons as well as a thicker line of latnum. Also i added one of each Hero ship in front of each starting location and is anyone asks, the Data Miner is there for target practice ;) If you want to Edit this map to make if easier, harder or to change the map the mapname is 4pmap2.bzn

Bugs: I have a ship that overwrites USS Incursion so im not sure if the Incursion will work for others. I also had the game crash once for no apparent reason but i think that was unrelated to the map

Have Fun!

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