Terix Class Warbird

This is the beautifully crafted Romulan Terix class warbird. The design, by Atolm, has been given life by Pepperman and brought into Armada...


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This is the beautifully crafted Romulan Terix class warbird. The design, by Atolm, has been given life by Pepperman and brought into Armada in glorious Romulan style. This is the kind of style that I think the Romulans richly deserve and they really have been given it to them through this model. As a warbird, expect it to be slow, cumbersome and take a lot of resources to build...but expect it to completely balance that by throwing disruptors and plasma torpedoes across space towards the enemy fleets.

It's been placed in the "High Poly" section though, as it does have a fairly large poly count, coupled with some high textures (1024 resolution) whilst this ship will look beautiful in game, it might tax some of the lower end systems, so do be warned of that. However, can you REALLY resist the looks (to kill) of the ship below? I know I can't. Romulan fans download now. Non-Romulan fans, here's some target practice...download now!

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Download 'romulan_terix.zip' (2.3MB)

* Model Credits:
*  Romulan Terix Class Warbird
*    -  Game: Star Trek Armada II 
*    -  Race:  Romulan
*    -  Designer: Atolm    
*    -  Model/Mesh Developer: Pepperman/Atolm (Hull mesh from Atolm’s Mogai 
*        Hveikhenn class warbird used) 
*    -  Textures:  Pepperman/Atolm.  Baseline for this texture was Atolm’s design image 
*    -  Version 1.0
*    -  Release Date: 19 Jan 2007
* Wireframe, Build Buttons and Object Definition Files (ODFs):
*     - Pepperman
* Audio Files:
*     -  None uses stock sounds
* Other textures:
*    -  Activision and Mad Doc Software
*    -  Disruptor textures by Rake
*	Homepage: http://www.strategyplanet.com/starmada/weapons
*          Contact: rake@strategyplanet.com

With 3023 polys, this model has a relatively high poly count for Armada; therefore, use accordingly.  In addition, the texture map is 1024 x 1024.

Setup Instructions:
1.  Download file
Download file, virus check and extract files to a known location other than the Armada directory

2. Copy files

Copy the *.SOD to your Armada SOD directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\SOD

Copy the object definition files (*.odf) from their respective folders to your Armada ODF Directories
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\weapons
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\special_weapons
Copy the graphics files (*.tga) to your Armada Textures/Rgb Directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB

Copy the ship bitmap image to the respective Admiral’s log directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages

3. Mod the shipyard files and make it buildable by the shipyard

Open the Romulan shipyard odf file (e.g., ryard2.odf) and insert a new builditem 
under the construction parameters:

// Construction Parameters
buildItemX = "rterix"

Where X is the next available number in the sequence.

4. Mod the appropriate Techfile files

Open an appropriate techtree file (e.g., tech1.tt is for standard tech mode) and add the following lines. 

rterix.odf  2 ryard2.odf rupgrade.odf         // battleship (terix class)
rdreadm.odf  1 rsuperbl.odf		        // dreadnaught missile
5. Mod the Gui_global.spr to add build buttons and wireframes

Open the gui_global.spr file located in the Sprites folder.
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Sprites

Add the following buttons under the # Romulan build buttons header:


# Build button for the Romulan Terix Class Warbird
b_rterix	gbrterix	0	0	64	64

# Build button for the Romualn Dreadnaught Missile
b_rdreadm	gbdreadntm	0	0	64	64

Now add the wireframe references under the following header:

# Romulan wireframes
# Building Wireframes

# Wireframe for the Romulan Terix Class Warbird
rterixw1			rterixwf		0	0	48	48	
rterixw2			rterixwf		48	0	48	48	
rterixw3			rterixwf		96	0	48	48	
rterixw4			rterixwf		144	0	48	48	
rterixw5			rterixwf		192	0	48	48

6. Mod the weapon.spr to add weapon references


# Romulan Disruptor Cannon
romdisrupth		wscpulse2	0	0	256	172

# Romualn Dreadnought Missile
rdreadm		dreadntm	0	0	256	85


# Romualn Dreadnought Missile #2
destroy		explode	0	64	128	32

7. Mod the events.odf to add sound references

No modifications are required as this mod uses stock battleship sounds.

8. Mod the Dynamic_Localized_Strings.h to add tooltips and the like

Open the Dynamic_Localized_Strings.h file and add the following lines under the Federation Ships header.  Note: This should be place alphabetically into the list.

	"ROM_BATTLE3",	"Terix Class Warbird",
	"ROM_BATTLE3_V",	"The Romulan Warbird, designated the Terix-class, was designed and built by the Tal Shair.  It is a formable warship and is equipped with the RSE’s latest weaponry including the awesome dreadnaught missile.",

9. Have fun with the Romulan Terix Class Warbird ===============================================

I hope you enjoy this addition to ST Armada.  Have fun.

10. Contact Info

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the addon.


11. Uninstall Info

Reverse the steps above to remove this ship.

12. Legal

This material is not made or supported by Activision or MAD DOC Software. This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes!  By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon.  As a result, I take no
responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Activision is a 
registered trademark of Activision, Inc.  All rights reserved.  All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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