The A2 Physics Project - The Weak Shall Perish! Species 8472



So last night, thunderfoot006 and I got to talking about Species 8472. Between the two of us, we've seen three, maybe four episodes featuring Species 8472. More than that, I've never found them to be particularly appealing-- either as an adversary or as a concept. So when thunderfoot006 told me he wanted to work out the physics used by canon 8472, then apply them to our still-kickin' Physics Project, I was all for it.

I didn't expect him to come up with anything overnight.... ;)

I just tried these out in game, and to be honest, so much of 8472 in this game is based on a conjecture-- even more than any other race, even the Borg. And they're a total nightmare to face already in stock. And thunderfoot006 has gone way out of his way to make these guys as close to the fluidic norm as you can hope for in a mod.

I'll leave it to y'all to see if you like what he and Chiletrek came up with. As it's a pretty safe bet, since Chiletrek is the resident expert on Species 8472, I'm pretty certain you'll appreciate this addition to the Physics Project.

- the Kid




The A2 Physics Project version1.01s - The Weak Shall Perish!  Species 8472  
by The StarFleet Kid and thunderfoot006. Special appearances by: Achilles, Chiletrek, Epytron Omega, and k_merse, 

Table of Contents
  -  A ReadMe, which no one will read.
  -  Modder's Notes  No one will read these either, but hey, we have to try.
  -  Installation Instructions, complete with uninstall instructions also.  Ignore these at your own risk!
  -  The files needed to add in this mod. 
Here are the physics files for Species 8472 to complete Version 1.0 of the A2 Physics Project.  I was chatting with StarFleet Kid and Chiletrek last night when I was suddenly inspired to make a better set of physics files for Species 8472 so they also benefit from the A2 Physics Project.  The problem with doing a new set of physics files for 8472 is we've seen so little of their ships.  Further, I've never seen the Voyager episode 'Scorpion', so I really had to rely upon the impressions of my modding partner, the Kid, and Chiletrek, who is an expert on all things Species 8472.  These files will require additions to the ship ODFs but the entry will be just a pair of line and most of you have already figured out what those line are by now.  Complete directions are found in the Installation Instructions and the lines are there so all one should need to do is copy and paste the lines.  Any bugs are all mine.  Neither Chiletrek or StarFleet Kid are responsible or accountable for any  problems you may encounter.

	1)  The A2 Physics Project is not needed for this mod to work correctly.  This will stand alone.  However the rest of the A2 Physics Project is helpful and this is really just a completion for that mod.

	2)  The Active Embryo, HeroMothership, Mothership, and Passive Embryo are all now warp capable.  They will not move very fast at Warp, however.  This may be a play balance issue.  If you find these ships having warp speed makes the game unfair, open the physics files for these ships and find the following line:

warpSpeed = 100

Replace it with this one:

warpSpeed = -1

Mission Statement:
To modify movement, combat movement, weapons, and sensor ranges within stock Armada II with Patch 1.1 applied to provide a closer to canon feel to the appearance of how ships move and fight. within the game.

Priorities and Goals: 
1) To have a minimal impact on the files in question so anyone can add this into a stock game or a heavily modded one without the danger of a fatal error.  To also modify and make available the files in question so modders can include them in their own mods with minimal adjustments

2) Closer to canon movement. To have ships in A2 move in a fashion similar to how they move in a series episode, movie, or other Star Trek based game.  If done correctly, any player should be able to recreate any ship movement sequence seen in either a series episode or movie with a fair degree of accuracy.

3) Closer to canon combat movement. To give players the ability to recreate in A2 any ship to ship combat sequence seen in any series episode, movie, or other Star Trek based game with a fair degree of accuracy.  The DS9 episode 'Sacrifice of Angels' combat sequence came to mind instantly.

4) Modify all ODF files to support the above.  This includes, but is not limited to:
-Creating ship specific physics files.
-Adjusting formation sizes and spacings.
-Adjusting ship ODFs.

5) Modify the weapons ODF files to support the above. This includes, but is not limited to:
-Adjusting ranges and damage effects.
-Adjusting rates of fire.
-Adjusting LOS ranges for all ships and stations.

6) Create a template or tutorials for all of the above.  To allow other A2 players, especially those with minimal modding experience, to 'Plug and Play' a custom ship either of their own creation or downloaded from any fan site.

As you can tell from this document, it is a pretty ambitous project.  I hope it meets with your approval and enjoyment.  

Purists, please note:  
We are not trying recreate exactly the way the Enterprise moves in any movie or episode.  The game engine of A2 is pretty antiquated and barely up to the task of depicting space combat at all.  We are trying to get the engine we have to be a little closer to what can be seen in the episodes and movies.  If we have accomplished this successfully, your Bird of Prey will  no longer have the same turning rates as your Vor'Chas and your Sovys will move with the stately majestic grace they should move with.  Further, your ships will no longer spit photons like a belt fed machine gun.  Combat sequences ingame will last longer and a player should be able to micro manage a fleet.

Potential Problems
This mod has been tested only within the SP Campaign and Instant Action vs. the 'puter.  I do not know if it will work in online Multiplayer.  As always, I accept no responsibility for your 'puter or your game.  This file was checked for viruses and completeness before upload.  If it doesn't work right the first time, please go back and read the directions.  Then, install the mod again AFTER you read the directions. 

As of this writing, 02/03/08, this mod and Fleet Ops Patch 1.2.5 are incompatible.  After trying everything I could think of to get them to work together, I still get CTD issues.  I suspect it is something we have done because Fleet Ops is very stable and very tolerant of other things being added into it.  Integrating A2PhysPjct and Fleet Ops will have to wait for Version 2.0

Version 2.0 will also include attack patterns and formations for the AI.  Currently, there is no way to do this without violating the EULA.  We are still looking and are hopeful we can come up with something.

Gene Roddenberry, for giving us such a cool place to play.
Achilles, for feedback and good advice.
Chiletrek, for the same and some beta testing.
Epytron Omega, for wanting this badly enough to include in his Invasion Mini-Mod to hound me into finishing it after I seriously wanted to scrap the whole thing.
k_merse, for allowing the use of some of the materials from his StarFleet Shipnames and Registries
YOU, for D/L'ing this mod.

Release Info:
Permission must be obtained from StarFleet Kid or thunderfoot006 via email or PM before someone can use anything included herein for another project destined for public release.  We will be a lot more inclined to say, "Yes" if your work will be available as a public download here at A2 Files.  If you do use anything herein, please be polite and considerate enough to include our names in the credits of your mod.

 Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can E-mail or PM us from here.
All of the people mentioned by name herein are blameless for anything which may be wrong with this mod.  All the mistakes are ours alone.
We are not responsible for any type of damage to your 'puter or application from misuse of this mod.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
Copyright notices: 
Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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