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This is a nicely done 4 player map with fairly limited resources which should make it fun for quite a bit of power-grabbing early on during...


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This is a nicely done 4 player map with fairly limited resources which should make it fun for quite a bit of power-grabbing early on during gameplay. Of course, if you're smart enough, you can build up your trade stations to get some latinum and buy your resources. Other than that, this map does look as if it could invoke some pretty fun gameplay and in the end, that's all that really matters. I would recommend 2 teams on this map (besides, it'd make latinum grabbing easier) and should make for some pretty heated battles in the middle. For future releases, I'd think about adding a few more features, but not too many as Monroe has certainly got the right idea. Download if you want some heavy fleet combat.


For a four player map this just dosen't have enough planets. In a fight battles are likely to be short, as the first team to the two centre planets will have a huge advantage over the other team while the other team will be trying hard to build single ships.

Because they would be unable to build more than a few ships they wouldn't be able to defend their dilithium mines which would be promptly blown away, which would bring a rapid halt to any building activily.

Finally several minutes later an assualt force with a massive firepower advantage would completely destroy the main base.

To improve this the planets in the middle need to be smaller to give less of an advantage and extra planets need to be added in to prevent you from completely losing the game if you don't have the middle planets.


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Download '' (37KB)

This is my first map made with the map editor included on the stock armada 2 cd. It is a basic design but my friend and I have had fun with it so I thought I would share it.

Simply unzip the 2 files titled canal 

Copy and paste the bzn and bitmap file into the "activision/star trek armada II/bzn" file and you’re ready to go.....

If you have any questions or if you have a design for a map you would like me to create than I can be reached at "kyle_is_007 at"...please enjoy

This product is neither created nor supported by activison and its partners. This was created by me, Monroe07 and should be treated as such. If you want to use it in a mod or for any other public release than I would ask that you put me in the credits as the creator. Please do not modify it without notifying me…I won’t tell you that you can’t but I would like to know. Thank you

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