The Enterprise Mystery

This is a cool map, one in a long series, and this map is following on from the map "The Maze" wich can be found [url=http://www.armada2fi...


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This is a cool map, one in a long series, and this map is following on from the map "The Maze" wich can be found Here

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  Place all files except for this readme in the BZN folder located in the main A2 Directory.

  The Story:
     After making its way through the "maze" the Enterprise proceeded to the next sector. Once there it set up a research station to study a strange anomaly that none of our scientists can figure out. Once the base was set up the Enterprise started to explore the rest of the sector. Thats when it happened. The Enterprise came across a Cardassian Cargo vessel. Sensors detected an unknown biosignature aboard the ship and proceeded to trace the vessel's course back to where it had come from. The Enterprise discovered an M-class world in termoil. The first sentient species we have come across in this new galaxy was being put into slavery by the Cardassians! Picard made contact with this new race, called the Paltorans. They told him that this world was just a colony planet and that their actual home planet was several hundred lightyears away. Before the Enterprise could talk further with the leader of the colony seven Galors and more cargo ships arrived. Picard, being the great captain he is, beamed up the remaining colonists and warped out. The area they were in was cut off by an asteroid field and only accesible by a wormhole that lead to the federation station.
  To make this stroy short it seems that the Cardassians were using the Paltorans for slave labor and were building a secret base to research new weapons. The Enterprise set out to find the location of this base but it was never heard from again. Find out what happened to the Enterprise and locate the Cardassian Base. 

  The Cardassian base has several "experimental" construction facilities that can build some powerful weapons. Since i cant make a new alien race for this map i decided on the Cardassians using them for slave labor and thats why you dont see them method. You know it would be great if someone decided to make a mod that was based on the Andromeda galaxy so there would be tons of new races. That way i could make maps with the Federation meeting these races instead of the Cardassians using them for slave labor lol! Anyways Enjoy!

p.s. The research station and cardassian base, as you will find out, are derilict. This is because a certain alien species that you will find scattered throughout the map has attacked them and killed their crews. So you have to set up this new base for the Feds and secure the sector and find out what the Cardassians were up to.

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