The Geek's Valdores Class

The Geek has taken Dawn's Valdores and added new ODFs as well as more goodies :)


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The Geek has taken Dawn's Valdores and added new ODFs as well as more goodies :)

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Valdores Class by The Geek
Name of mod: Valdores Class by The Geek

Author: Tim "The Geek" Underbakke

Description: I thought I'd celebrate the release of Nemesis next Friday by remaking one
of the new ships featured.  I used Dawn's sod and textures, so credit goes to him for that.
Note that this ship's odf is rnemesis, not rvaldores.  Thus, Dawn's mod and mine can coexist.

Weaponry of the Valdores
-4 phasers
-3 photon torpedoes
-cloaking device
-Valdores Cloak Enhancer-Stolen from the Klingons and crossed with Veles tehcnology,
 this grants a Valdores class to fire when cloaked.  The effect lasts as long as the special energy does.
Install Instructions

Simply run the exe.  If your game has been modded, unzip the files to a different folder,
then follow these directions.

1. Place rnemesis.odf in odf/ships folder
2. Place gnemclk.odf in odf/special_weapons folder
3. Place all tgas in Textures/Rgb folder
4. Place rnemesis.sod in Sod folder
5. Place rnemesis.bmp in bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
6. Open and and this line under Romulan ships section
	rnemesis.odf 2 rreaser.odf ryard2.odf	//Valdores by The Geek

Also, add this line to the other special weapons section
	gnemclk.odf 0	//Valdores Cloak Enhancer
Save and close
7. Open gui_global.spr and add this line under Romulan ships:
	b_rnemesis			gbrvald	0	0	64	64
and add this line under special weapon buttons:
	b_gnemclk			gbclkenh00		0	0	64	64
Save and close gui_global

Thanks to Dawn for textures and sod.

NOTE: This isn't made by Activision, Mad Doc, etc.

WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage incurred while using or installing this mod.

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