The Long Journey 2



This is an alternative version to StormBlade's "The Long Journey 2" map. The difference with this version is this map offers seperate construction areas for each player instead of a single unified one, so playing this one is far better because the starting fixed placed teams will be placed properly. Again, like most of StormBlade's maps this one is large (50000 in dimension) so those who experience lag while indulging in large battles in normal sized maps should have issues here. Still this one is a good map for tactics as it really does test your patience trying to get across a map so large.





	6long2 is a new 6 player map that is an alternative to 6long.  To install, extract "6long2.bmp", "6long2.bzn" and "6long2.txt" into the "bzn" subfolder inside the "Star Trek Aramada II" folder.

	I release this map under the understanding that I am not liable for any issues it may cause.  Essentially, you take your fate into your own hands, you have been warned.  To ease your mind however, the map works fine for me.  Also, if you use the map and/or it components in any form in a future release, this file or the contents within must be included.

	If you find an issue, please let me know.  Heck, if you know how to fix the issues you find, include that.  I used the map editor that came with the original Star Trek Armada II release.

	You can reach me via the forums at Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations (http://www.fleetops.net/).  My username is Ntanel.

Tip:  This map is meant for all out team war and it will take some time to enter enemy territory if you only have ships with weak shields!

Thank you and ciao!
- Ntanel StormBlade
- July 24, 2007

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