The Reman Rebellion - A Full Race Mod

Well, after a million years of development (okay, I lied, it's actually much shorter than that) the Rebellion has finally risen against the...


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Well, after a million years of development (okay, I lied, it's actually much shorter than that) the Rebellion has finally risen against the Romulan Star Empire! Become the Praetor of the Reman Rebellion and put yourself in command of a new armada that'll rock your galaxy! Complete with experimental weaponry, Theleron radiation and the mighty Scimitat, you will forge a new Star Empire when the old one has crumbled into dust! For Remus, and for freedom!

NOTE: Regarding Raven Night's stuff being used in the mod, I have made the installer create a Permissions directory in where you have installed the mod which contains the readme files of the Katan and Saif classes which are being used in the mod.

- VenerableDread

As I'm going to be away for the whole weekend but just discovered this decent looking thing in OPS I have already uploaded this mod for you guys, can't give it a decent review now due to my lack of free time. But I'm sure that some other staff member adds a nice review soon. Well, have fun and see ya soon! :) - TParis

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Download 'rrinstall.exe' (39.3MB)

The Reman Rebellion (V1.0) - A Full Race mod by VenerableDread

I. Introduction:

After the destruction of the first Reman Scimitar Class Warbird prototype, the Remans have started to revolt due to the involvement of their Romulan superiors. Lately, a Reman preator in charge of Remus' biggest mining facilities assumed command in Shinzon's place and gave orders to all Remans to flee their homeworld. The Romulans, who are now aware of this, sent several warships to stop the Remans from fleeing. However, the Remans have started to build powerful warships of their own which destroyed many Romulan Warbirds as they escorted the civilian transports from Remus. Many Remans have fled during the event, and settled on several planetary colonies far away from the boundries of the Romulan Star Empire. Years later, the Remans built their fleets consisting of hundreds or even thousands of ships and attacked many key points in Romulan territory. Shortly after, they also started to attack areas of space owned by the United Federation of Planets as well, and Starfleet soon learned about the terrible Reman attacks. It seems that the Remans are not a part of the Romulan Star Empire anymore, they are their own faction. They became the Reman Rebellion.

It is also rumoured that the Remans are possibly starting to build a new Scimitar, or possibly even more than one of these powerful weapons of mass destruction!

II. Installation and Uninstallation

Star Trek Armada V1.1 is recommended to install this. I don't know if it'll work on V1.0 though...

Simply install to your Armada II directory. REMEMBER TO BACKUP ALL FILES THAT WILL BE OVERWRITTEN IN THE PROCESS! To uninstall, run the mod's uninstall program and then restore your files with the backup copies.

III. Non-Combat Ships:

Construction Ship
This ship builds all Reman stations and facilities.
Special Weapons - Tractor Beam

Dilithium Freighter
This mining freighter mines dilithium from Dilithium Moons and returns it to the Dilithium Processor or Resource Converter to be processed.
Special Weapons - Mining Beam

Heavy Duty Freighter
This improved mining freighter mines dilithium from Dilithium Moons and returns it to the Dilithium Processor or Resource Converter to be processed. It can mine more dilithium than standard Dilithium Freighters. It can also mine metal from planets to be processed in the Resource Converter and is capable of defending itself.
Special Weapons - Mining Beam

Repair Ship
This Reman ship repairs any allied ship or station.
Special Weapons - Repair Beam

Colony Ship
This unusual ship design has a Theleron cannon that can do major damage to populations of habitable planets and can also colonize planets via a transportation beam.
Special Weapons - Colonization Beam, & Planetary Theleron Cannon

IV. Combat Ships:

Raven Class (Scout)
The eyes and ears of the Rebellion, it can be refitted to detect cloaked ships.
Special Weapons - Detection Grid

Reman Bird of Prey (Destroyer)
Stolen from Romulan plans to reintroduce the Romulan Bird of Prey to their fleet, the Reman version is not as strong as the original Romulan ship, but is still slightly more powerful than an unfused Reaper Class vessel.

Reaper Class (Destroyer)
A very successful Reman design, it is a common sight in Reman fleets. The Reaper can be refitted to fuse with another Reaper Class to become even more deadly.
Special Weapons - Reaper Fusion

Fused Reaper Class (Destroyer)
In this formation, the fused Reaper Class vessels can fire their weapons at once as if they were a single ship.

Praetor Class (Cruiser)
Originally designed to be an escort for the Scimitar class Warbird, it soon became the main cruiser of Reman fleets. It can drop attack mines that can pass through shields once refitted.
Special Weapons - Automated Attack Mines

Katan Class (Cruiser)
Another cruiser used by the Remans, it is capable of launching squadrons of Scorpion Attack Flyers.
Special Weapons - Scorpion Attack Flyers

Vulture Class (Artillery)
A ship that provides artillery support for the Remans. It is fitted with stolen tri-cobalt torpedoes to penatrate enemy defences at a long distance.

Corvus Class (Assault)
This Reman assault ship carries many Reman warriors, all of whom are ready to board any enemy ship or station and to claim their objectives for the Reman Rebellion.
Special Weapons - Tractor Beam

Hellhawk Class (Frigate)
The Hellhawk Class frigate benefits the Rebellion by stealing one of the special weapons of a target enemy ship and using it against their foes.
Special Weapons - Steal Special Weapon

Spectre Class (Science)
Developed by Reman scientists, this warship is capable of exploration, research and destruction. It can be refitted with up to four dangerous and highly experimental special weapons.
Special Weapons - Theleron Burst, Holo-Generator, Mirror Conduit, & Theleron Nebula

Saif Class (Battleship)
It is one of two main battleships in the Reman fleet. It can hold enemies for long enough until the Nightwing enters the fray.

Nightwing Class (Battleship)
The more powerful of the two main battleships in the Reman Rebellion, it bears reasonably destructive weaponry. It also weilds a weaker version of the Scimitar's Theleron Cannon which is still quite deadly once refitted with the technology.
Special Weapon - Theleron Cannon

Scimitar Class (Super Weapon)
The largest and most powerful Reman warship. Because it is still an experimental prototype class of ship after the destruction of the first Scimitar it is very rare, but it is still a force to be reckoned with. It serves as a dreadnought or a command ship in the Reman Rebellion, and it is so large that it needs a special shipyard in order to be constructed.
Special Weapons - Theleron Cannon and Theleron Cloak Enhancer

V. Stations:

The center of all Reman activities. It can build Construction Ships, Dilithium Freighters, Heavy Duty Freighters and Repair Ships.

Dilithium Processor
This station processes dilithium mined by Dilithium Freighters and Heavy Duty Freighters.

Orbital Metal Harvester
This orbital station extracts metal from planets for the Remans.

Resource Converter
This facility processes Dilithium much better than Dilithium Processors. It also converts dilithium into metal and back to be used by the Remans. It is also suprigingly well-armed and can build Dilithium Freighters.

Sensor Satellite
This is a long range scanner that can detect cloaked ships once refitted.
Special Weapon - Detection Grid

Pulse Cannon
Basic Reman defense system that fires pulse phasers at attackers.

Torpedo Turret
Advanced Reman defense system that fires photon torpedoes at attackers.

This is the basic Reman ship construction facility. It builds the Raven, Bird of Prey, Reaper, Colony, Praetor, Katan, Corvus and Vulture Class ships.

Advanced Shipyard
A more advanced Reman ship construction facility that builds the Hellhawk, Saif, Spectre and Nightwing Class ships.

Research Center
Basic Reman research station that researches technologies and special weapons for the Raven, Reaper, Praetor, Katan, Nightwing and Hellhawk Class ships.

Science Control
Advanced research station belonging to the Reman Rebellion that can research up to four experimental special weapons for the Spectre Class ship.

Theleron Upgrade Facility
Containment center for Theleron radiation as well as an upgrade facility to improve the shipboard systems of Reman vessels.

Scimitar Construction Facility
A huge shipyard responsible for constructing the Reman Scimitar Class Warbird, a huge prototype vessel of immense size and power.

VI. Special Weapons:

Detection Grid (Raven, & Sensor Satellite)
Enables the Raven Class and the Sensor Satellite to detect cloaked ships.

Reaper Fusion (Reaper)
The Reaper Class fuses with another ship of it's kind to create a formation that fires the weapons of both ships at once.

Automated Attack Mines (Preator)
The Praetor Class drops an automated mine that locks onto an enemy target. It can pass through the shields and cause damage.

Scorpion Attack Flyers (Katan)
The Katan Class launches a squadron of Scorpion Attack Flyers, disabling the designated target's systems as well as damaging it.

Steal Special Weapon (Hellhawk)
The Hellhawk Class fires a beam at a targeted ship, hacking into it's computer systems to steal special weapon data for it's own uses. This does not seem to affect Borg or Species 8472 ships.

Theleron Burst (Spectre Class)
The ship unleashes a burst of Theleron radiation at a targeted area. Any enemy ship caught within the radius will have all their crew killed off.

Holo-Generator (Spectre Class)
The Spectre Class is disguised as a targeted ship of another team. It cannot attack or be attacked by the targeted team while disguised.

Mirror Conduit (Spectre Class)
The Remans somehow gained the ability to trap starships from the Mirror Universe and bring them into our own via black hole-like gateways. These ships will attack anyone nearby.

Theleron Nebula (Spectre Class)
The ship creates an artificial nebula using Theleron radiation from it's engines. Ships inside the nebula, including the ship that created it, will have their crew killed at a horrible rate. The ship that used this weapon cannot move for a certain amount of time.

Theleron Cannon (Nightwing and Scimitar)
The ship fires a destructive amount of Theleron radiation which instantly kills off all the crew of the target enemy vessel. The Scimitar's version of the weapon can also cause heavy damage to the enemy vessel and does not require any research.

Theleron Cloak Enhancer (Scimitar)
While this is active, the Scimitar can fire all of it's weapons while cloaked. The Scimitar must be cloaked beforehand in order for this self cloak enhancer to work correctly.

VII. Credits:

VenerableDread (me, duh), the guy in charge of making this awesome race and has done a lot for it, yada yada yada
Bryan, for that awesome Scimitar
Icewolf132, the maker of the Hellhawk Class and for allowing me to use the base MS3D models to create the Corvus, Vulture and Spectre Classes
ModelsPlease, creator of the Scorpion Attack Flyer model for a certain special weapon
Mad Dog, who created the Praetor Class
Pepperman, who released the Praetor Class on AFC
Achilles, for helping me get permission to use Mad Dog's stuff
Raven Night, for the Katan and Saif class models
Starfox1701, for helping me out on putting the Katan Class into Armada 2
Ch'Yu Chen, for the tutorial that helped me create the new GUI for the Remans
Jerry Goldsmith, for making the original Star Trek: Nemesis track that I've edited and used for the race music
FlashKit FX, for some sound files which are used and edited for the station sounds
Activision, for some of the resources used, and for making such a great game

VIII. Permissions and Stuff:

All content that I did not make which is used for this mod is definately not my work as permission is granted from all their respective creators. Well, except for Bryan but one of the Readmes on one of his Scimitars says it is for free use, though, and I don't know about Jerry Goldsmith. But still, you need permission from both me and the people who originally made those stuff if you need to use them. I'd be happy to grant permission to people who want to use the content that is made only by myself. Well, except for the kitbashes I've made from Icewolf132's Hellhawk, though, which isn't really by myself. And if you take any content from the mod without permission from me and/or any those other people mentioned in the credits, I will come to your house and kick you. HARD. Oh, and I'll burn your house, your possessions, your family, and you ALIVE! >:D

But seriously, don't steal. You'll regret it. Oh, and one last phrase before the end of the readme, THIS IS SPARTAAA! ;)

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