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Introducing the Sporanis II from ArcherScott. This is an rejigged version for last year's Sporanis Mod which itself was an expansion...


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Introducing the Sporanis II from ArcherScott. This is an rejigged version for last year's Sporanis Mod which itself was an expansion of the Romulans. It's still the same concept/backstory which I admit I don't really get. Basically the Sporanis are a faction who now control the Romulan Empire via close alliance with the Tal'Shiar and the Remans. They have dethroned the Romulan Senate and rule the Star Empire via Totalitarian Rule... Nice concept although this mod doesn't offer much or compliment the good storyline behind it. To be fair this is much like a small compilation mod. It does have a nice range od ships including a Star Destroyer, a cool slaver ship, the Reman Scimitar and the Valdore/Norexan.

A different, strange and confusing but interesting mod. :)


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Here is the next upgrade to The Sporanis. Different tactics will be needed and you'll have to be quick or lose!
Steal enemy ships and take over stations to get your resources sooner. The fight for the galaxy has just begun!

You can install separately - you do not need Sporanis I to have this one! 
It will overwrite some files in Sporanis I though.


The Sporanis faction which sprung from the civil war between Romulus and Remus have since been defeated.
However their unique abilities live on!
The Romulans blasted them out in one of the biggest battles in civil war history to regain control of the planet.
Many Pheonix Class vessels were deployed strategically and as a result all Dactyl, Sela and Deadly Class starships 
were destroyed.

All Sporani barely escaped complete destruction!!!

A hardened faction of them remains. The new Romulan senate have allowed them to use their scavenging techinques and
attitudes to repair and boost the Romulan fleet. Sporani use what is best of both worlds. 

Their brutality still shows in one new special weapon the 'Bio Snatcher', Sporanis use clones for their marines. 
The DNA is taken from crew snatched from the target enemy ship. The hosts are killed after.

Maker - a third shipyard to make new ships for the Sporanis to aid Romulus.

Their torpedo turrets can cloak and be sent to attack all enemy ships and stations. They do not move otherwise and presently
they cannot fire while cloaked.

Their superweapon is a cloning facility which gives a crew boost of 15,000 to ensure you always have crew to build ships!
The facility itself has a large crew  and strong shields but no weapons for balance. It builds further new ships for the new
Romulan fleet.
The clones are used as canon fodder and general duties that all Romulans consider to be dangerous or 'unworthy'.

Only one good thing has come about from the Sporanis - Romulans and Remans are edging closer to unity. But will this area of
space ever truly be peaceful?

Improvements and upgrades from 1st version:

- Better balanced. (Weak destroyers but very very strong battleships)
- Less special weapons (as requested)
- Varied cloaking ability - not from the usual suspects!
- All construction ships and frieghters have warp power. 
- Harvesting from freighters just got maxed! - even when transporting latinum!

To install the new Sporanis into your Romulan side, follow the steps below and prepare for battle:
(Back up your files should you wish to uninstall)

***STEP ONE:***

*******************WARNING: You will be overwriting a few existing files!!**************

To install: 

First locate Rewrites folder in the Sporanis II folder, open then copy and paste rbase.odf to replace existing rbase.odf

The starbase will now create the new Sporanis Constructor.

Now do the same for rfrieght.odf and rassault.odf.

Locate ODF - other folder in Sporanis II folder, open and now copy and paste contents to Armada II/odf/other.

Locate Trader - copy and paste TradingStation.odf for new items to trade!

***STEP TWO:***


Now each folder is the same of the ship/station: you add one at a time. 
This won't take long and ensures a smooth transfer!

Golden rule for every folder:

ship odfs 		- odf/ships
station   		- odf/stations
other    	 	- odf/other
special weapons 	- odf/special weapons
bitmaps  	 	- bitmap/AdmiralsLog/Ship Images
SOD       		- SOD folder
ALL textures files	- textures/rgb

If you follow the above for every folder - all you need will be added for each ship to work with special weapons!

You can do it!!

Screenies               - wherever you like.

***STEP THREE: ***


Now locate techtree open ans after the last Romulan ship add:

rconst2.odf	1 starbase.odf			// construction ship (builder class)			
rval.odf	2 starbase.odf	// battleship (valdores class)
rslave1.odf	1 maker.odf			// scout (slave one)
rscim.odf	2 yard2.odf resear2.odf		// scimitar class
victory3.odf	2 rompod22.odf rompod21.odf	// victory 3
					(align if needed)

// ***[ SPORANIS STATIONS ]************************

shooter.odf	2 starbase.odf resear2.odf	// shooter
maker.odf	1 starbase.odf			// shipyard
rsuper2.odf	2 starbase.odf upgrade.odf	// super (cloning facility)
					(align if needed)

// ***[ SPORANIS SPECIAL WEAPONS ]*****************

gbor.odf     0			        // bio snatcher
gutribm2.odf 0				// theleron beam
gclkenh2.odf 0				// scimitar cloak
gwarp2.odf   0			        // valdores impulse boost

					(align if needed)

Save and close and locate and after last Romulan ship:


rslave1.odf 0
shooter.odf 0
rslave1.odf 0
victory3.odf 0
maker.odf   0
rsuper2.odf 0
rval.odf    0
rscim.odf   0
rconst2.odf 0

And after last Romulan special weapon:

gbor.odf     0			       
gutribm2.odf 0				
gclkenh2.odf 0				
gwarp2.odf   0			        

	(Align if needed)

Save and close, noe come out of techtree and locate sprite folder. open gui_global and after last race add:


b_victory3		gbvictory3	0	0	64	64

victory3w1			ewvic		40	0	40	40		
victory3w2			ewvic		0	40	40	40		
victory3w3			ewvic		40	40	40	40		
victory3w4			ewvic		80	0	40	40		
victory3w5			ewvic		0	0	40	40

rsuper2w1			romwireframe05	0	192	48	48		
rsuper2w2			romwireframe05	48	192	48	48		
rsuper2w3			romwireframe05	96	192	48	48		
rsuper2w4			romwireframe05	144	192	48	48		
rsuper2w5			romwireframe05	192	192	48	48

shooterw1			romwireframe05	0	144	48	48		
shooterw2			romwireframe05	48	144	48	48		
shooterw3			romwireframe05	96	144	48	48		
shooterw4			romwireframe05	144	144	48	48		
shooterw5			romwireframe05	192	144	48	48

rconst2w1			fedwireframe03	0	144	48	48		
rconst2w2			fedwireframe03	48	144	48	48		
rconst2w3			fedwireframe03	96	144	48	48		
rconst2w4			fedwireframe03	144	144	48	48		
rconst2w5			fedwireframe03	192	144	48	48

makerw1				romwireframe04	0	192	48	48		
makerw2				romwireframe04	48	192	48	48		
makerw3				romwireframe04	96	192	48	48		
makerw4				romwireframe04	144	192	48	48		
makerw5				romwireframe04	192	192	48	48

rscimw1				romwireframe01	0	144	48	48		
rscimw2				romwireframe01	48	144	48	48		
rscimw3				romwireframe01	96	144	48	48		
rscimw4				romwireframe01	144	144	48	48		
rscimw5				romwireframe01	192	144	48	48

rslave1w1			fedwireframe03	0	48	48	48		
rslave1w2			fedwireframe03	48	48	48	48		
rslave1w3			fedwireframe03	96	48	48	48		
rslave1w4			fedwireframe03	144	48	48	48		
rslave1w5			fedwireframe03	192	48	48	48

rvalw1				romwireframe01	0	144	48	48		
rvalw2				romwireframe01	48	144	48	48		
rvalw3				romwireframe01	96	144	48	48		
rvalw4				romwireframe01	144	144	48	48		
rvalw5				romwireframe01	192	144	48	48

				(Align if needed)

After the last special weapon entry add;
b_gbor			gbbaabore00	0	0	64	64
b_gclkenh2		gbclkenh2	0	0	64	64		
b_gutribm2		gbutribm2	0	0	64	64
b_gwarp2		gbvaldup	0	0	64	64

					(align if needed)

Now the Sporanis are ready. Remember, Destruction is our choice!

Please note that due to requests there are fewer special weapons! 
I wanted to reflect this, so they have to blast all enemy vessels but they love a huge battle!! :)

Credits as follows:

- new race idea and implementation.
- all Sporanis upgrades and changes from Version 1.
- all ODF changes.
- file rewrites.
- replacement Scimitar special weapons. (Doesn't overwrite utribm.odf and 2 help slower machines like mine!)
- new Valdores weapons.			(2 look more canon)
- Valdores new special weapon.	

(Any replacement has been to play the model on my poor older computer and balance them in with the Romulans!)

- valdore class - Sod, all textures and model.

Borg124	& FGX:
- Slave 1 Textures, Hitpoint map and Sod files.

- Scimitar MOD (SOD and Textures by Bryan)
- Original Weapon ODFs for Scimitar
- All buttons for Scimitar
- original odf for Scimitar

Captain Steve:
- Victory 3 Mod.
- The SW VS. ST team for creating the original SOD's, textures & odf's.

- for stock models,SODS and textures. 

+++Many thanks to Captain Steve who answered me and sorry its taken so long to release! 
Now you can see what I've tried to do.
(Hope your happy with the result I've been able to do!)+++

**ATTENTION (mostly to newbies/people who don't think)**

Although the stock models/new models are not mine, please refrain from using any names/weapons I make up in your own mods.
Thank you.

Plus if you wish to make a mod using these or an add-on please ask me.
If you wish to use one of the other vessels kindly lent to me - ask the creators!

Manners are important!


Now this will be my last MOD. I have not been able to expand from ODF files. I did try to create Sporanis as a new race
but alas - I have accepted I don't have the skill, time or software to progress. 
Therefore I just wanted to see my MOD finished and hope you can enjoy what I have done!

I would like to thank for giving me space and a chance to try something new. For some-one who needed a 
manual to find the on switch - this has given me great joy and greater understanding of computing - by exploration!

Please remember your comments & constructive criticism are always welcome.
But ODF modifications/stock twists are my limit - I will not be doing more so please bear this in mind!

ArcherScott (replace AT with @ to send)

Live long and prosper!

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