The Two Towers

Here are two new shipyards for the Federation.


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Here are two new shipyards for the Federation.

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The Two Towers by VT1032

The following install-instructions are for a2, the instructions for a1 are similiar, but you need to own odf-files for a1

1.Copy any .SOD files into the SOD  directory.
2.Copy any .tga files into the Textures\RGB directory.
3.Copy any .tt files into the techtree directory.
4.Copy any .sps files into the sprites directory.
5.Copy anybase .odf into the odf\stations directory.
6.Copy anyship .odf into the odf\ships directory.
7.Copy any .bmp into bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages directory.

to install just copy all folders from this zip into your armada-directory..

to torre.sod and copy it into \sod directory..
to torreb.sod and copy it into \sod directory..

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as you need to edit 
your of your  \sprites  -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_torre			gbftorre		0	0	64	64
b_torreb		gbtorreb		0	0	64	64

now search for:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

and add following lines:
torrew1			fedwf26		128	128	128	128
torrebw1		fedwf29		0	0	128	128

now you have to open the from your \techtree - folder
and add these lines:

// ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]************************

fscout.odf    1 Torre.odf                           // scout (venture class)
fdestroy.odf  1 Torre.odf                           // destroyer (defiant class)
fdestroy2.odf 1 Torre.odf                           // destroyer (sabre class)
fcruise1.odf  2 Torre.odf fresear.odf               // cruiser1 (akira class)
fcruise2.odf  2 Torre.odf fresear2.odf              // cruiser2 (steamrunner class)
fcruise3.odf  2 Torre.odf fresear.odf               // cruiser3 (intrepid class)
fintrepa.odf  0               			    // armor
fvoya.odf     0					    // armor
fcolony.odf   2 Torre.odf fresear.odf               // colony ship
fassault.odf  2 Torre.odf fresear2.odf              // assault ship (iwo Jima class)
fdaunt.odf    2 Torre.odf fresear.odf               // Dauntless
fnorway.odf   1 Torre.odf      	                    // Norway class

ffrigate.odf   1 Torreb.odf                         // frigate (andor class)
fgalaxy.odf    1 Torreb.odf                         // battleship (galaxy class)
fspecial.odf   2 Torreb.odf fresear2.odf            // special (nebula class)
fbattle.odf    2 Torreb.odf fupgrade.odf            // battleship (sovereign class)
fincursion.odf 2 Torreb.odf fresear2.odf            // Incursion Class
fambat.odf     2 Torreb.odf fresear2.odf            // Ambassador Class 
fprem.odf      2 Torreb.odf fupgrade.odf            // Premonitiom Class
fchey.odf      1 Torre2.odf                         // Cheyenne (Cheyenne class)
fachilles.odf  2 Torre2.odf fjup.odf                // Destroyer (achilles class)
enterplus.odf  1 Torre2.odf                         // New Enter Plus

// ***[ FEDERATION STATIONS ]*********************
Torre.odf		1 fbase.odf				    // Super torre
Torreb.odf		1 fbase.odf				    // Super torre

now U can open a Torre.odf, Torreb.odf and cange it !!! (depends on where you want it to be build) 
and search for builditem-section

 Original Sod VT1032
 Armada-Conversion by VT1032 (kitt from the original Trade Tower)
 Textures by 7of9
 Odf by All guys of ST Armada files

  Base Sod modified mesh of Federation Starbase from Fleet Operations 
  Textures Modified textures of Federation Starbase from Fleet Operations 
  Armada-Conversion Kitt by VT1032 
  Odf by All guys of ST Armada files

Special Thanks:
To DOCa Cola, Optec and Fleet Operations crew.... U can see more of they work at

Have some fun :-) play Armada2

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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