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THIS PARTY'S OVER map by Tokakeke


This is my first map for A2, however, I released a few mods (most notably the Dr. Evil mod which rocks so go download it!) for A2 under the name Aishaacara2. It has been tested and everything works.

This map is Star Wars themed. There are two interlocking 'lightsabers' which hilts are "open" so you can see the inside. Since going thru the blades is virtually impossible due to the metreon nebula and possibly a mutara overlapping, there are some transwarp gates and a wormhole. The reason the file's so big is because of the nature of the sabers: they are made up of nebulas!

If you're playing teams, the upper and left sections are the best for t1, and lower and right are best for t2, as they link up. 

The lightsabers are Dooku's and Mace Windu's, but who cares? Dooku's saber is a little bit squared off, but that's OK. 

I may release another version with radioactive yellow saber and any suggestions that you, the r0x0rific public, will like.

Extract to BZN folder.

Comments? Suggestions? Hate Mail? questions?

This map is not officially supported by Ravensoft, and you can't whine to them if it does something odd because you're too much of an idiot to know how to install it because you only took a "Introduction to Office" class at your community college because you don't know how to use the internet yet you play A2 because you're cool if you eat beef jerky which is primarily composed of stuff which is supported by me but something that IS NOT supported by me is cheese sandwiches.

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