Tholian Race (TNG Era)

Now, what goes "chin" and does lots of damage? If you were thinking anything but a Tholian weapon, you were wrong. Nevermind, you can...


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Now, what goes "chin" and does lots of damage? If you were thinking anything but a Tholian weapon, you were wrong. Nevermind, you can rectify this problem by adding this to your mod collection.

So, a low-down. Who, or what, exactly are the Tholians? They are a xenophobic and somewhat mysterious race in the Alpha Quadrant. They rarely are seen and so not too much is known about them. As well as that, their ships are rarely seen in combat, but, they would alledgedly be powerful. So that's that.

The bad stuff: -No new sounds. -No "new" textures (my understanding was re-used/applied old ones). -No admiral pic's.

The good stuff: -...THE THOLIANS AS A FULL RACE -Tholian Web special web. -Specific tech tree and construction list (aimed more for defensive purposes). -Extensive list of ships and stations (25/14). -Fusion? I think this must be the smaller ships creating bigger versions, which is a nice idea, seen as the shapes would allow for it. -Much, much more.

As to back me up, check out the screenshots below. Failing that, you could just trust me and download 2.5mb, which is not much, even for you 56kers. Naturally, I could tempt you with the fact it's in an auto-installer.

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Download '' (2.63MB)

Tholian Race 1.0 mod for Star Trek Armada II 
All models, textures, odf work, etc... by Slider17
Programs used in production:
Milkshape 1.6.2
Paint Shop Pro 7
Notepad Win XP Pro

Well, here is a race that I have always wanted to see more of -- Tholians!  This is an additional fully playable race set in the 24th century, during the Armada II time frame.  It has been a long time in the making, but I believe it is a complete and useable version. (Yes all in 2.7 megs!)  I tried to integrate as much Tholian genre as possible, but there is so much out there...  I may make a small expansion pack, but I am ready to put this out to pasture, so here is the Tholian Race...  Enjoy!

Background Info:
Tholians are semi-fluidic silicon-crystalline beings existing at 480K.  They are well known for being extremely xenophobic, and defensive.  They are also not native to this galaxy, having allegedly transported their entire planet to a system in Klingon space.  Tholians frequently annex systems outside their space, thereby expanding it.  The systems are rarely disputed however, because they are filled with gas giants and rocky or volcanic proto planets since Tholians have little use for M-class worlds.  Following an annexation, they will vigorously defend their territory with patrols and defense turrets.

In the 24th Century:
Tholians have been a resident of this galaxy for a few centuries now, and through piracy, they have mastered weaponry that rivals their neighbors.  They have shields, phaser banks, pulse cannons, standard and tri-cobalt torpedoes, as well as their well known and newly improved Tholian Web weapon.  Tholians are also capable of detecting cloaked ships and have the ability to generate localized wormholes, which allows them to effortlessly bypass any natural barriers.  Tholians have had time to assess their enemies during the recent Dominion Wars, and now is their time to strike!

· 25 Ships (including construction, scout, etc.)
· 14 Stations (with an emphasis on defense, ie turrets)
· 5 researchable special weapons, for example:
  · A Tholian Web that crushes anything inside
  · An Interphasic Rift that traps ships and kills crew
· Mine Dilithium, Metal and Bio-Matter or transmute them
· Fuseable ships
· Instant Action AI, and GUI files

Star Trek Armada II Version 1.1

This zip should include the following files:

Make sure to backup your data beforehand.  For this mod, I have chosen two methods:
1. For a quick and simple installation, open the TholianR.exe file and select the Armada 2 directory.  THIS METHOD WILL WIPE OUT OTHER MODS because the files are created assuming ONLY a 1.1 patch is installed.
2. Installation instructions for a manual installation are included in the 2install.txt file.

Known Issues:
Still need some Sounds (need a good source)
No Team Colors (And no plans to add them either; milkshape cannot do it)
No admirals log pics (They just take up space anyway; no plans to add them)

If you want to contact me:

Reference Sources:

Starship Schematic Database
Memory Alpha
Neutral Zone
Tholian Consulate
Various Star Trek based games, including:
Shattered Universe, Bridge Commander, Klingon Acadamey, Full Thrust, Fleet Command, Starfleet Battles, Federation Space, etc. (None of which have I played, but they do feature Tholians)

Legal Disclaimer:
Some files were used that came included with the game Star Trek Armada 2, which is a copyright/trademark of Activision, Paramount, Mad-Doc Software and/or parent corporations.  This material was not made or supported by Activision.  This material was not intended for profit nor was any infringement of intellectual property intended.  The author assumes no responsibility for the possession of, use of, or effects from this material.  Nor do I mind redistribution of this file in its original form.

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