Three Stargate Ships

stargateships.zip —


From the Mail:

here is 3 stargate ships that i have made , included are the odf file +the texture and the sod file for all 3 ships they need the weapons changing as I have added standard federation weapons

Well, a nice addition. I'm not completely sure what some of them are, I recognise the Prometheus, but as for the others... Clueless, however over in the UK we've only just finished season 8.




CR:Developments Presents 3 stargate ships

the first is the x303 , the seconds is the x304 and the third is the asgard vessal the o'niel class warship .
you may use these ships for personal use ,but if you use them for a mod that is to be released to the public permission must be gotten via email . i have just included the files to get these ships into the game when you modify certain files in the a2 folder (not got time to do this for you sorry)
russ aka usscapital (founder of CR:Developments)

ps: these texture's are 512 x 512 pixels in size

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