Ticonderoga Class

The Ticonderoga class cruiser is the kind of design I really, really like. A simple, clean two-nacelled design reminiscent of the Akula but...


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The Ticonderoga class cruiser is the kind of design I really, really like. A simple, clean two-nacelled design reminiscent of the Akula but with the nacelles leaning forward rather than aft, she's a magnificent ship for the role. This design already existed in the Trek modelling community, being derived from the old FASA fleets.... back when "my fleet" referred to blister packs full of pewter and detailed information taken from rule books, rather than textures and meshes working from source code.

Fireball_IV does not disappoint here. I've been watching the development of this ship in the forums, and now that I can see the final product, my verdict is simple applause. The glowing lightmaps, the detailed textures (although the shuttlebay looks slightly wonky), the brand new canon-based weapons with textures and sounds---- simply put, if this is the sort of quality work we can look forward to in Fireball_IV's upcoming Dawn of War total conversion, then anything else set in the TOS/TMP era will simply be put to shame.

I've had no less than three occasions this month where I've been totally astounded at the work we're seeing in this community-- first Aad Moerman's Defiant, then FahreS' Intrepid, now the Ticonderoga. It's times like these when being able to watch the continued work being done with the admittedly unworthy Armada II engine makes me very, very proud to be an active member in a community many years removed from first release of this product. The fact that we're still getting stuff like this, regularly, is proof enough that we're not going anywhere for a long, long time.

I highly recommend you download this one.


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Download 'ticonderoga_class_by_fireball.zip' (11.22MB)

Ticonderoga Class by Michael/Fireball

odf - yes
button - yes
wireframe - yes
install instructions - yes

model/mesh - fireball/mike
textures - fireball/mike
build buttons, wires weapons - fireball/mike
design - FASA, special thanks to http://home.comcast.net/~ststcsolda/
for schematics of the vessel.


Drag and drop the contents of the ZIP file directly
into your Armada II directory to add the new files
to your game.

open your weapon.spr
in your sprites folder


# End new weapons

put theese lines


# Federation Red Torpedo
wfrtmphot	wfrtmphot	0	0	128	128	@anim=tex4x4

# Federation TMP Twin Red Phaser
wfr2phas	wfr2phas	0	0	512	128	@anim=tex1x4

ok your done in the weapons.spr

now open your gui_global.spr

under federation build buttons
and under

put this line

b_fticonderoga			fticonb			0	0	64	64

then go all the way down to federation wireframes,

put this line

fticonderogaw1			fticonw		0	0	48	48	
fticonderogaw2			fticonw		48	0	48	48		
fticonderogaw3			fticonw		96	0	48	48		
fticonderogaw4			fticonw		144	0	48	48		
fticonderogaw5			fticonw		192	0	48	48

Go to your ODF folder in the base Armada II directory.
Proceed to the Stations folder.
Open the ODF of a shipyard of your choice
and add the Loknar to build there

(x representing the build item)

buildItemx = "fticonderoga"

Go to the techtree folder in the Armada II directory.
Open tech1.tt
Look under federation ships
and put the following line:

fticonderoga.odf 3 fyard.odf fbase.odf fresear.odf


and after that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy :)

- Fireball

I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your system.
If your have problems, are looking for permission to use my mod or would like to alter it and put it in your mod you can contact me at:

furious_fireball_101@yahoo.ca or via Armada2files.com

This is an Armada 2 only mod.

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