Titan Class

This is Major Paynes Titan Class starship :) At quick glance you do seam to think "Hmm, just another Galaxy mod" however its the details o...


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This is Major Paynes Titan Class starship :) At quick glance you do seam to think "Hmm, just another Galaxy mod" however its the details on this ship that i really love. The deflector and back of the saucer section, and the necels are just intreguing and that gives it its quality value, and what make this ship so great. It looks excelent and is another great ship to have in your game ;) Download!

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Download 'map_titan_a2.zip' (1.82MB)

Titan Class
Massive in size and armed to the teeth the USS Titan and her sister ships have proven to be the ultimate in Federation muscle. As a direct result of the Dominions deployment of their own massive dreadnoughts the Federation had to take measures to keep dominance with their own technology. In preflight testing the prototype Titan class excelled and the production run began. Once the war was over though these leviathan ships have been put into service in a more relaxed setting. Current placing is that the USS Santa Monica is exploring the the Degas Cluster and the Titan itself is on current standby as command ship of the fourth fleet.

Release Details
Poly Count:	2472 (poly reduction)
Built Time:	Reconstruction time and texture re-application aprox. 2 hours.
Texture Set:	13 high detail (512*512) Truevision tarGA based texture files.

- Original model, design and concept courtesy of Atolm/Azel. Mesh adjustments and texture set/application done by WickedZombie45 (subsequent release through www.nightsoft.com/omega/drs (Demon Renegade Studios) and originally created for SFC3/BC.
- Poly reduction on saucer and texture manipulation/re-application done by Major A Payne.

You download this model and its associated texture files with the following understanding:
1) That you will not distribute any part of this zip in any capacity for any means of profit.
2) That you will refrain from editing any part of the mesh and/or textures without permission from the original creator of this work.
3) Any image usage or reconversions/additional usage will carry the above credits.

If you are agreeable to these points the feel free to use this. If not then you are politely asked to remove it from your pc.

In the event of any necessary contact then please use the following methods:
- EMAIL: [email protected]
- ICQ: UIN60839084

Thankyou for downloading this release.

Major A Payne

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