Titan Class Starship

This is an updated version of the Titan Class for Armada 2. The model now includes alpha textures, is balanced, and there are reccomendation...


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This is an updated version of the Titan Class for Armada 2. The model now includes alpha textures, is balanced, and there are reccomendations for better weapon loadouts, probablly origionally done for Armada 2.5.

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Download 'titan.rar' (1.18MB)

Titan Class Starship version 1.1

Global Sprite Stuff

 Build Button:
  b_ftitan                gbftitan         0    0     64     64

  ftitanw1                ftitanwf         0    0     128    128
  ftitanw2                ftitanwf         0    0     128    128
  ftitanw3                ftitanwf         0    0     128    128
  ftitanw4                ftitanwf         0    0     128    128
  ftitanw5                ftitanwf         0    0     128    128

Tech Tree Stuff

  ftitan.odf    2    fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf                 // Titan Class

After that, just add in whatever weapons you want to use, and add the ship to whatever
station you want to build it at.

Operative's Recommendations:
If you want the ship to look authentic in combat, try this:
Phaser Cannons- limit the firing arcs of the phaser cannons to fire only in front of the
                ship in a tight radius. Make them appear larger than normal phasers.
Std Phasers- Where the ODF specifies 3 different phaser weapons, try to leave the HP 
             configuration intact and create 3 different phasers that look, sound and 
             do damage equally the same. For each weapon, set a different re-fire rate
             that will "stagger" the firing pattern in combat. For exapmple, Phaser 1 has
             a fire rate of 1.7, Phaser 2 has 2.3, phaser 3 has 2.9, etc.
Photon Bays- Follow the same basic principles as the Std Phasers.

Those are just my recommendations.

Ship Credits:

Original Conjectural Design: Patrick Weber.

Original Model parts used for kitbash: Steve Davis, Dennis Bailey, Tachy, and Ed Giddings

Original Textures: Wicked Zombie(I believe, but I'm not sure). Textures came from a different
Titan model intended for SFC3. 

This model was not a conversion, but a made from scratch model done specically for Armada 2,
but based on the design done by Patrick Weber. The original can be seen on the USSMiranda.com

Model mesh and model re-texturing done by Operative34997.

No, this is not a re-do of Major Payne's model, nor did he have a part in this. This is a second release of the
Titan I released a couple months ago, now with improved textures with alphas.

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