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Well, this is quite an amazing pack with plenty of ships here to occupy a small Federation armada. My question is whether or not it's TMP se...


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Well, this is quite an amazing pack with plenty of ships here to occupy a small Federation armada. My question is whether or not it's TMP season, with all the TMP ship's we've got recently. So, whether or not you want to "take the second star to the left" in a Constitution class, "journey into the new frontier" in your advanced Excelsior class, "be one big happy family" in a Miranda or simply explore the scientific sites of the Alpha quadrant in your Oberth, you have a wide choice in numerous ships and cleverly done kit-bashes.

The textures are great and so to are the models, so re-live those good all days with some brilliant ships. Hunt for those cloaked ships and try your best at warp 8, engage the download!

Here is the link to some missing texture files, most definitely recommended for maximum playing fun.;57751

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Download '' (7.24MB)

TMP Ship pack by Beginner
This file is in no way endorsed by activision, mad doc or any other party responsible in the creation of the game "Star Trek armada 2" 

Boring bit gone - onto the good stuff.
I take no credit for the models - they are P81's. All I did was port, poly reduce or kitbash.

This pack contains:

Hermes class
Akula Class
Iowa class
Oberth class
centaur class
miranda class
Constitution class refit 
Hero class 
Excelsior Class
Tmp Phaser texture

Install instructions:

1. Extract archive to a folder
2. Cut and paste the folder odf into the armada 2 directory.
3. Copy sod files into the sod folder.
4. Copy textures into the textures/rgb folder.
5. add the lines 
centaur.odf   0                                     
akira.odf     0
excelsior.odf 0
hermes.odf    0
iowa.odf      0
oberth.odf    0 
miranda.odf   0
constitutionr.odf 0
hero.odf      0
to the in the techtree folder. under federation ships
6. load up armada 2, play instant action as the feds, build a shipyard and enjoy the wave of nostalgia.

I hope that this pack works on your computer, it has been tested under the 1.1 patch. I cannot asssure that it will work straight away when mods are installed. It may require some changes. 

I recommend the big book of modding before installing this - it should help solve any problems that may arise.

If you would take the time, this pack can be made better by:
Installing captain finger's shipyards and setting the ships to build from there.
Installing any of terradyhne's ships - they are the best tmp ones out there.
Sorry but buildbuttons are not available for this mod at this time - but they should be ready before the end of the week - along with some stations and klingon ships.

keep the community thriving! 


Feel free to use any part of this pack in a mod. Just please include credits, otherwise it is a breach of trust - something that should not be taken lightly.

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