TNG era Akula class

this is a kitbash of deemons galaxy class and some original parts, made by MaP. Its a great ship I suggest you get this for your game.


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this is a kitbash of deemons galaxy class and some original parts, made by MaP. Its a great ship I suggest you get this for your game.

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Akula Class (TNG Refitted)

This model and associated files are not associated in any way with Activision, Mad Doc Software, any subsidaries, or companies connected with the makers of Star Trek Armada 2. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your innapropriate usage of the files contained in this minimod.

Thankyou for downloading this latest minimod from Easysoft Direct ( a subsidary of PR Productions Ltd.). It has been created as a small taster for the in progress project - BORG:Incursion 3, and can be installed into v1.0 (v1.1 is suggested as possible unknown problems may arise but none have been found) of Star Trek Armada. Installation/Uninstallation and additional information is contianed further down this readme.

This mesh is aprox 900 polys and has been created using Andy "Deemon" Johns Galaxy Class. The basic kitbash took around 20 minutes to set up and additional nacelle supports are scratch built and took a further 15 minutes to build and texture. Please refrain from contacting Deemon concerning this kitbash as he is only credited with the original Galaxy class model construction and will not be able to provide and help, or support with this kitbash.

From my own point of view I've never been a lover of the original Akula class (Original version of this is a TMP class mostly based on the Constitution class refit ncc1701-A. The nacelles are also very similair to the Miranda class, so its a bit of everything really). Okay, so basically put, this version of the Akula is my own attempt to bring it up to scratch and into the TNG era. Therefore, I took Deemons rather excellent A2 Galaxy class (second release) and used the seperate sections of the entire saucer along with the nacelles from the engineering hull, plus the supports scratch built from a few boxes. The result as far as I can see came out much better than I expected. The model is armed with the standard galaxy class phaser and torpedo weapons selection. Hard points are set up as follows:

Dorsal phaser: hp24 to hp30
Ventral phaser: hp31 to hp37
Nacelle supports: hp38 to hp41
Torpedo Launcher: hp42

The rest of the hardpoints are set up as follows:

Engines: hp06 to hp10
Life Support: hp01 to hp05
All Other Criticals: hp11 to hp23

Installing this minimod couldn't be easier. Just simply double click the EXE file, use the browse button to locate your Armada 2 main directory, and then follow the button prompts. Uninstallation is also carried out in the same fashion, as a shortcut is provided within the START MENU (programs), and this is used to uninstall the mod.

Just for information purposes, this EXE is also ZIP compatible, and can be unzipped to a directory of your choice. No further instructions for manually installing the unzipped archive, as you do this at your own risk. The reason for this function is to allow the ship to be added to other mods.

CREDITS & Contact details

Original Galaxy Class model released, provided by and full crediting to Andy "Deemon" Johns (original textures also credited and provided by Deemon)

Nacelle supports and kitbashing by Major A Payne (contact via ICQ 60849083 or Email: )

(please use the above credits in any further readme if this ship is reused and released in any other format or mod)

Known Issues
Do not contact myself concerning the issues listed below as they are already known.

- Missing wireframe/reference pic. This is installed along with the rest of the files. However, its not currently working. Other than this the mod is working fine.

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