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Now this is a neat concept. It's a collection of new torpedoes built by Terra_Inc for you to use, each for different and for diverse purpose...


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Now this is a neat concept. It's a collection of new torpedoes built by Terra_Inc for you to use, each for different and for diverse purposes. Examples include the Interception Torpedo, the Anti-Structure Torpedo, and the "true" Artillery Torpedo.

Something new and different is always worth a download.


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Torpedo Collection v1.0 by Terra_Inc

I like ships with a special role. Normally you'll have only one artillery ship class per race, only one science ship and only one scout. But you'll have several destroyer/cruiser/battleship/... classes. A modder will probably have much more of them. So why shouldn't you take one of them and turn it into a unique ship... like an Anti-Building-Ship? One reason more to build more of your favourite ships. And what makes a ship unique? Right - the weapons. Here you have a little collection of weapons I've created for my game. They're not really complex, if you have modding experience and the right software they're easy to make. But sometimes you simply need a good idea. Well - choose one. :-) The experienced modders will probably change some things to make these weapons more balanced to their individual game styles.

Anti-Structure Torpedo (structorp):
This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. The Anti-Structure Torpedo will seriously damage the buildings of your enemy - but it is too slow to hit ships and it needs a few seconds to reload. Because it's so slow, you'll probably want to get as near as possible to your target. This is something weaker ships like destroyers could use. It should be balanced enough - but that depends on the ship(s) you choose to equip with this weapon.

Interception Torpedo (intertorp):
What could this be? ... Well... Imagine you're flying around with a group of your favourite destroyers and suddenly you see a ship heading for that mining station you've just built. You try to destroy it but it warps away before your pulse phasers can hit it. That wouldn't have happened if you had equipped your favourite destroyers with Interception Torpedoes! They're powerful and precise enough to do serious damage if fired by a few ships. And - most important - they're very fast. Fast enough to hit ships at warp speed. But they take some time to reload so if they don't destroy that ship and it comes back... those torpedoes probably won't help you. As I mentioned, destroyers would be grateful for something like this but I could also imagine this weapon being used as a turret weapon to intercept ships that are warping into your base - or to your mining station. So equip your favourite destroyers with Interception Torpedoes and turn them into Interceptors!

Heavy Artillery Torpedo (heavytorp):
I love artillery ships. Really. But what A2 calls "artillery" is actually only a powerful long range torpedo with a low fire rate. So I thought it would be nice to have a real artillery torpedo. And this is the result: This torpedo is more powerful and has more than twice the range of the normal artillery torpedo. But your heavy artillery ship can't see that far. So you have to send another ship to your target - to mark its position. Then your artillery ship can fire. Just like real artillery!

Every weapon has its own Installation Instructions. I tried to make it as easy as possible to install them.
Please note that these weapons are normal weapons, not special weapons!
The weapon textures are stock textures or edited versions of them.

For the experienced modders I've added a little textfile containing suggestions how to change these files.

Have fun!

Terra Weapon Systems Inc.

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