Total Annihilation

I think this is a big battle map. Download and see :D.


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I think this is a big battle map. Download and see :D.

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Download '' (48KB)

This is how you install the map. Save (and unzip) the folder onto the desktop and put
everything except the readme into the bzn folder which is in the Star Trek: Armada II
folder which is in the Program Files folder which is on the C drive in My Computer.
However because this map does not have a title you will need to add one using the Map
Editor. If you do not know how to do this, I suggest you download Trickster's Map Making

Map, bitmap and list of object handles copyright 2002 by me, with assistance provided by
Trickster's Map Making Tutorial. You may edit and re-submit this file as long as you give
me credit in some way.

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