Tripes Map Pack



67 Maps here for A2, must have taken a considerable amount of time to create them all. As stated, they best serve for on-line gaming, and the AI may encounter problems when playing on these (afterall, the A2 AI aren't the smartest things to grace the Trek Gaming Universe).

See screenshots for more. :)

- Ash



Triples' Mappack v4.1 for Star Trek: Armada 2

1. Introduction

this mappack contains 67 Star Trek: Armada 2 maps I have created. The maps are mainly for online gaming, 
the AI could have problems on some maps.
This mappack contains old ones, new ones and revisions, it replaces triples' mappack v1, v2 and v3. 

I always tried to create something new, something different in order to keep armada 2 interesting.

2. Content
Offline-Skirmish = Regular Online-Multiplayer maps:
2 players, 4players, 6 players and 8 players

Assault (multiplayer only) maps:
6 player and 8 player maps

3. Installation
Unpack all bzn files in the armada 2 bzn folder

4. Legal agreement 
I dont like my work being changed by someone else. 
But you can use my maps "as they are" for mods or whatever (some credits would be nice in that case).

5. Credits
Maddoc for creating star trek: armada 2 
Activision for publishing it
Me, triple, for creating these maps

Extra special thanks goes out to long time friend keeper and people at Tol and DD clans.

6. Contact 

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