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Now this is an idea I truly love. Take your average Federation research centre, make it build able after your research station and research...


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Now this is an idea I truly love. Take your average Federation research centre, make it build able after your research station and research turrets! This makes it a fantastic station for two reasons. One, it can act as a major defence platform that isn't your base that is a cheaper alternative to a new starbase and quicker and the second is that it can act almost as a decoy to your enemy in them trying to target the main research centre. So, what do you get with it? Well, upgradeable from the base platform which already has a point-defence-phaser and cloak detection, you can select to build 3 pulse phaser and 3 photon torpedo turrets on its struts. Like the standard centre as well, you can destroy the pods individually or target the main structure, taking them all out.

In playability terms, this does open up quite a few avenues of playing. By having one of these structures, you severely increase the defensive power of your base, no questions asked. It also means that you can save on having to build individual turrets and yes, it will take about the same time, but it means that your firing is centralised, to protect key areas, rather than placing a turret and hoping for the best. Short of an admiral's pic, this mod has all the content in needed to make it full. For Federation users, this is certainly an interesting download.

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Download 'fturretbase.zip' (36KB)


THis station builds weapon pods to attacks incoming enemies. It builds 3 pulse phaser turrets and three photon torpedo turrets.

This requires that the basic resear facility be build first, although this is easily changed in tech1.TT

Thank you for downloading this addon for Star Trek: Armada II.

I designed this station originally for my own personal mod, but I wanted to give something back to the Armada II Files community.

This station researches six turrets that act as normal turrets, although they are fixed in position and will be destroyed if the turret base is destroyed.

This mod uses stock models for two reasons, one I cannot model, and two, these are already on your computer.


To make this quicker and easier, in the Armada II main folder, select all, right click on an item and go down to properties, and uncheck the box marked "Read Only".

1) Copy the ODF folder into your Armada II directory, which is by default, C:/Program Files/Activision/Star Trek Armada II. 
	This mod will not replace any item, as I have developed this to be easy to install into both a stock and a modded game, so when it asks if you would like to overwrite, just click Yes.

2) The buildbuttons, wireframes and admiral's log pics do not need to be installed, as the models used are from the stock game to ensure compatability.

3) In your Armada II directory go to the ODF folder, then "ships" and scroll down until you find fconst.odf, open this file.

4) Scroll until you find the line:	buildItem12 = "fupgrade".

	Underneath this, type in: buildItem13 = "fturretbase".

	Save changes and exit.

5) Go back to the main Armada II folder. This time open the "techtree" folder. Open file "fulltech".

6) Press return on your keyboard to start a new line, and paste these lines in:

fturretbase.odf    0
weapod01.odf  0
weapod02.odf  0
weapod03.odf  0
weapod04.odf  0
weapod05.odf  0
weapod06.odf  0

Then save and close this file.

7) Open "tech1". Underneath the line: fedpod25.odf  1 fedpod15.odf                        // research pod (life support upgrade level 3)


fturretbase.odf  1 fresear.odf                         // turret research
weapod01.odf     0                                     // phaser turret
weapod02.odf     0                                     // photon turret
weapod03.odf     0                                     // phaser turret
weapod04.odf     0                                     // photon turret
weapod05.odf     0                                     // phaser turret
weapod06.odf     0                                     // photon turret

Then save and close.

8) Play the game and enjoy!

This mod is not supported by Activision or any of its affiliates. If there are any issues please leave comments on the page and I will address them.

Models and texture are property of Activision, I just made some odfs and linked them all together.

By delta_dids
[email protected]

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