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Hopefully not the last we see of this kind of mod, Tweaks and Fixes offers a number of miscellaneous modifications to various parts of Armad...


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Hopefully not the last we see of this kind of mod, Tweaks and Fixes offers a number of miscellaneous modifications to various parts of Armada II that, in Icewolf's e-mail, he says "tries to fix some of the common annoyances in Vanilla Armada 2 while still keeping it Vanilla, but with a bit better flavor".

So think of this as.... tapioca? :p

Check the readme for a list of what's changed. Some really good ideas here, even if you're not exactly running stock anymore, you might consider harvesting from it anyway.


- the Kid

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Armada 2 Tweaks and Fixes, V1.0

This is a minimod that tries to fix some of the common anoyances in Vanilla Armada 2 while still keeping it Vanilla, but with a bit better flavor. So far all of these fixes and tweaks were done just from my personal thoughts/irks, if you'd like to see other fixes added to this minimod please let me know through either PM or email, credit will be given.

The list of fixes and changes in this version are as followed;

-All Species 8472 bio pulses now have their own unique sound rather than bumming off of the Federation.

-Scale of the Sovereign class has been increased slightly.

-The Galaxy's (Intergrated, saucer, and stardrive section) defensive power has been decreased slightly, making it weaker than the Sovereign.

-The scale of all of the Borg cubes and the Adv. Construction Matrix have been increased slightly.

-The bug where the repairing sound starts to endlessly loop when a ship is decomissioned until another is repaired at the same yard has been semi-fixed, the repairing sound is now null (silenced).

-Units now explode into more pieces than chunks.

-The zoom in fading of units has been disabled.

-Spacing between the ships when in normal formation has been reduced (from 100 to 60).

-Alert markers have been activated for planetary actions (gain, conqure, lost, and shields).

-Some minor fixes were made in the strings file, mainly nitpicks.

-The Map Editor menu has been redone (Revamped Map Editor Files V1.1).

-Each of the assault ships have been given their race's Criuser1 (I.E., Akira, Griffin) phasers, removing the repeditive Fed pulse phaser and making them slightly more useful.


0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Online Multiplayer
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact
7. Distrubtion/Authorised download mirrors
8. Third party use

0 - Credits

All original ODFs and the new 8472 Bio-pulse sound were created by Activision (Star Trek: Armada II), and edited by Icewolf132.

The nulled repairing sound was also created by Icewolf132, though the creator states credit is not required for this since it was so blooming easy to do.

I'd also like to thank the Armada II Files staff for the readme template.

1 - Installation

Just extract the zip into your Armada 2 directory (Default; C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II), and overwrite if asked.

2 - System Requirements

Same as stock Armada 2 with the 1.1 patch installed.

3 - Online Multiplayer

This minimod is not compatable with online play, except of course if both/all players have the same version of this minimod installed onto a clean version of Armada 2.

4 - Known Issues

None known, if any are found please contact me.

5 - Disclaimer


6 - Contact

I can be contacted by email at stevewolf87_at_gmail_dot_com. You can also contact me by PMing Icewolf on, Icewolf132 on, or icewolf132 on

7 - Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

If you are interested in hosting this file or distributing it in any manner then please contact me.

Hosting, or any other form of distribution is hereby forbidden without prior written permission. The use in Armada II Modifications is allowed as per section 8 below.

8 - Third party use

Lastly, these files can be reused in whole or part in Armada 2 Modifications on the condition that I am credited in your readme. 

All other rights are reserved. This may not be used outside of the Armada II community without prior permission.

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