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Well, this is an unofficial patch, that has been put together by Curtis. By looking at the files (of which are come with a handy auto-instal...


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Well, this is an unofficial patch, that has been put together by Curtis. By looking at the files (of which are come with a handy auto-installer) they are standard texture replacements, though no immediate screenshots are shows.


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Star Trek Armada II Update 1.2 Unofficial

This update is not endorsed nor approved by Activision,and is NOT an official update.In this update you will have a highly modified set of textures geared to improve the quality of the game for multiplayer online and single player offline gaming.

Simply run this auto installer and start gaming.But first be sure you have a clean install of armada II without any modifications other than the official 1.1 update.(Which is required before using this unofficial update.)

In this update you will find the entire romulan texture set updated.Along with 98% of the federation units minus the research bases.Also many of the cardassian units have been updated.And new addtions to the borg units.Most klingon sets have been worked on but will be finished in the final release tentatively called 1.3 unofficial.

Note:Borg texture sets for the federation,romulan,etc have only begun to be completed and those are in the federation and klingon sides mainly.

Their is also a completely new font texture that is very canon to the one used in the TNG series and other star trek works.Please not that if you game at a resolution lower than 1024x768 the texture starts to look degraded as it is being crunched in size to fit the lower resoltion.This also happens with the original texture as well..jagged edges engine related and not texture related.It isnt all that bad at 800 x 600 but I myself prefer the higher resolutions as the texture font looks absolutely stunning versus the bland white.

There are other GUI enhancements as well,team colors for multiplayer text background display has been set to black to show off the font.This applies to all sides.But ship,station team colors remain unaffected.Just for tooltip items.And works online.

Sod updates:ALL Sods removed due to online errors! This update contains no sod files.Team glow must be dealt with for now.

Other:New star,sun,class J and M planets,new warp effect,race icons are now colorized and enhanced.New loading screen that isnt color damaged.(Ie: have noticeable gradient changes.Colors look normal for lower color depths.


Freyr and the Armada 2 Upgrade Project for use of the Weapons texture updates.

Pneumonic81 and Michael Kelly for the base texture for my enterprise retexture.(Please note that their texture was just the base texture and barely resembles the final texture that is in the game.)

Deemon for the Galaxy Class texture for multiplayer and single mission play.

Finally there is so much that has been completed I cant think of it all right off hand so just download and enjoy. :)

Curtis R. December 30th 2006

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