Unusual Maps (Map Pack)



Well, here is a little map pack includes 10 maps made by Darthrado.

All the maps are very creative but that is almost all about it. Some maps are very unbalanced caused by the item placement (Deep Space 9) and a few of them are just not fun (Labyrinth). The author obviously likes to place many nebulas and to draw signs with them on the map. :rolleyes: But there are still some maps which are really fun to play (M-Planet, Resourse Shortage).

If you haven't got enough maps yet, tried them all out or you are just bored of all the usual maps out there this may be a download for you...

- TParis

As there aren't any installation instructions included: Place the included 'bzn' folder in your main Armada 2 folder (by default: 'C:/Program Files/Activision/Star Trek Armada II').



Xplosiv Map
Deep Space 9
The Barrier
M class
Dangerous Lands
Resourse Shortage
The Path

4 player maps:
The Core
Wormhole Madness

I won't describe them so Everyone can explore their potencial themsleves.

In those maps I tried to make early attacks impossible. That way a player can develop a more complex attcak strategy,
 and the players who are not so good at the game, or at disadvantage can create an effctive defece.

In other maps I tried to make the need of a certain Resourse a Priority.
For Example:
In Deep Space 9 there are only 2 planets. In order to gain resourses farster the player must find a way to increase he Metal Income

In resourse Shortage a the starting location are 2 Dilithum moons with 3000 Dilithium left, each and a D class Planet. That way a priority is to cese contol over the nearby M class planets and Unexhaustable Dilitium moons.

In M class - in the whole map are only 3 habitable planets - 1 H class planet for each player and a class M planet in the center, surrounded by an asteroid field and 2 One-way wormhles - leading to it.

NO Borg No Species 8472!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
In order the 2 opponents to be Equal there should be NO Borg or Species 8472. Their Transwarp Gate and Transparent Rift put the other Species at disadvantage.
I also had doubts about Shadow class, but they are too weak to cause any cosderable damage.

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