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This is the "second" (although the readme states first, we got this second in) mod by Sam, going along the lines of the ODF modifications....


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This is the "second" (although the readme states first, we got this second in) mod by Sam, going along the lines of the ODF modifications. This is the USS Voyager, though without more pics, I'm presuming, like the last mod, this will be the stock Intrepid model and textures (although better then using the Akira for a Stargazer base). Still, this will be a buildable hero ship, meaning it will be far more powerful then your average Intrepid class in-game.

That being said, the modifications are promising for future work.

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Download 'voyager_v1.rar' (35KB)

This is my first modded ship and i hope you like it. I equipped it with the Enterprise's Corbomite Reflector and weapons. It has almost as much sheilds as the Enterprise (ente: 3000, voy: 2500) so it's a match for most ships. Because i hate it when it doesnt have a a wireframe i used the Intrepid's one. I  tried to make a build button but all i succeded in doing was make the button white (which is better than nothing.)


For an unmodded version:

Just put all the files in their correct places and overwrite when neccessary.
(fvoyager.odf into odf/ships, fbase into odf/stations, Fvoyager.sod into SOD, into techtree, into techtree, gui_global into sprites)

For a modded version:

Put fvoyager.odf into odf/ships
Put Fvoyager.sod into SOD

and add:

To wherever you want to build this. (i chose starbase)

BuildItem* = "fvoyager"

Where * is the next number.


fvoyager.odf  0                                     // USS Voyager

To gui_global under 
Federation Build Buttons

b_fvoyager                      gbfvoyager              64      64      64      64

and under federation wireframes:

fvoyagerw1			fedwireframe01	0	192	48	48		
fvoyagerw2			fedwireframe01	48	192	48	48		
fvoyagerw3			fedwireframe01	96	192	48	48		
fvoyagerw4			fedwireframe01	144	192	48	48		
fvoyagerw5			fedwireframe01	192	192	48	48


fvoyager.odf 0

If you would like to use this in your mod e-mail me at and ask.

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