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This is a fancy little package, which gives you the Utopia Planitia Stations, seen orbiting Mars in I believe one of the Voyager episodes (i...


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This is a fancy little package, which gives you the Utopia Planitia Stations, seen orbiting Mars in I believe one of the Voyager episodes (it may have been Relativity, I don't really to point). Regardless, I also believe these the first of this released on the site. There are others for Armada I / II but they aren't on any community site that I know of.

All in all, an excellent job. The only thing I could fault is the stock textures, but even they don't look as bad as they could. ;)

- Ash

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Download 'utopia_planitia_a2bychiletrek.zip' (394KB)

Utopia Planitia stations.:

 I am Chiletrek and this mod contains two models I made to recreate the stations orbiting Mars that serve as operating facilities for the Federation premier Fleetyards.
 Things I made:

1) Two models, the big Utopia station and it's smaller (and less known) variant.
2) New models along with a buildbuttons, wireframes, Admiral's Log pics and ODFs.
3) This stations have rotated hardpoints, hull damages and ventings; and they use stock textures, so they are no necessary to include them in here, and they have Borg assimilation and lightmaps too.
4) They also have hardpoints for all weapons, to build, to repair and to dock ships (Freighters with Latinum).
4) This Read me.

 Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip the contents of this file on a temporary folder.
2) Open your Star Trek Armada II folder.
3) Copy futopia1.sod & futopia2.sod and paste them in your SOD folder.
4) Copy futopia1.bmp & futopia2.bmp and paste them in your \bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages folder.
5) Copy gbfutopia1.tga, gbfutopia1.tga, fwireutopia1.tga & fwireutopia2.tga, and paste them in your  \Textures\RGB folder.
6) Copy futopia1.odf & futopia2.odf and paste them in your \odf\stations folder.
7) Copy fbasephas.odf & fbasephaso.odf and paste them in your \odf\weapons\Phasers folder.
8) Open your Sprites folder and open gui_global.spr with Notepad.
9) Search for:  # Federation build buttons

10) Paste these lines:  
b_futopia1		gbfutopia1	0	0	64	64
b_futopia2		gbfutopia2	0	0	64	64

below the last Federation build button.

11) Now Search for: 	# Federation wireframes


12) Paste these lines:
futopia1w1		fwireutopia1		256	256	256	256
futopia2w1		fwireutopia2		256	256	256	256

below the last Federation wireframe.

- To add the Utopia stations to the Map Editor:
13) Open your \odf\other folder.
14) Search and open with Notepad the file: ef_rstat.odf  (I choosed this one because it has plenty of space to add more stations, but you can create your own files too).
15) add these lines below the last entry:	
item* = "futopia1"
item** = "futopia2"  , where * & ** are the next numbers, if you haven't modded anything, it should be number 4 & 5.

16) Pheewwww, Finally, you are ready to enjoy this mod, I'm sorry to make such long read me but it was neccesary to avoid problems. With any luck, you can ,learn how to add them to the AI, for more challenging playing as the AI may build them too.

 For maximum enjoyment of the stock textures, you may select all files with _1 & _2 in their filenames and cut them to a safe location for backups. Now that those files aren't present all ships, station and special effect will look better than ever.


1) Gene Roddenberry: For creating the Star Trek saga. Thank you very much!
2) Activision and Mad-Doc Software: For making the game.
3) The Utopia Planitia stations are canon designs, you can see them (at least the big one) in the Voyager chapter: Relativity. There are maybe other chapters too.
4) You: For taking your time to take a look at my mod :)


 Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can E-mail me at: astro_nejiro at hotmail.com

I am not responsible for any type of damage, either for virus or for the use of this MOD.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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