Veleron Class Heavy Destroyer

Your eyes do not deceive you. This IS a Romulan ship. Not only that, but it's a pretty damn good Romulan ship. Even more, it's the first m...


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Your eyes do not deceive you. This IS a Romulan ship. Not only that, but it's a pretty damn good Romulan ship. Even more, it's the first mod by Mr. DinosaurJr. What to say?

The textures are really, quite amazing. Even with some refinement, I think there is still something a little "iffy" about the neck and head section, but this is easily overlooked, especially with the rest of the texture which is very Romulan-esque and is guaranteed to fit in with any Romulan fleet. Better yet, the design of the ship will also seamlessly blend in within any Romulan Armada. Designed to be the Romulans equivalent to the Federation Akira, her stats are similar and she is of a similar size.

What is good in particular is that she comes with a very nice admiral's pic and a well done build button. Unfortunately, no wireframe, but I did always find them pretty difficult to make and there's always time for future releases to make some. All in all, a very good mod, exceptional for that of essentially a "beginner".

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================================================Romulan Veleron Class Heavy Destroyer=============
====================By dinosaurJR============================

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, introducing.....

The Veleron Class Romulan Heavy Destroyer :)

About as powerful as a stock Federation Akira and with comparable firepower, shielding, resource cost etc...

Texture - A single 512 x 512 texture without lightmaps
Sorry no auto installer :(

Contained within are the SOD, ODF, Amirals Log pic, Texture, Build Button and some screen shots. 

Please be gentle with her as this is my first ever solo release :)

Now the legal stuff.....

The files contained herein are solely the work and property of the owner (me, dinosaurJR) and i take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your computer by using them.

Furthermore, i consent to any use of this model in any mod, as long as i am given credit for my work, but not for any further editing/kitbashing. cool?

Anyways, im guessing you guys want to take her for a spin, eh?


Put the following files in the specified folders (note all folders stated are found in the Armada2 root directory - c:/programfiles/activision/startrekarmada2 - by default):

Veleron.sod - SOD

Veleron texture file and gbveleron - textures/rgb

veleron  (admiralslogpic) - bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages

veleron.odf - ODF/ships

ok, now that all the relevant files are in place we're half way there! now we must alter a few files!!

Add into the file tech1 (found in the techtree folder) under romulan ships:

veleron.odf  1 ryard.odf

Add into fulltech:

veleron.odf  0

Add to ryard.odf under the last builditem

builditem# = "veleron" - where # is the next available build position

add to in the sprites folder under #romulan build buttons      /     @refference=64

b_veleron         gbveleron       0       0       64      64

now i think youve cracked it!! The Veleron will be built in the Basic Romulan Shipyard.

Fire up Armada2 and have fun!!!

And finally, i can be found at:

 student_freeloader AT hotmail DOTCOM

Peace 'n' chicken grease!!

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