Vensuvi 1v1 map

This is a 1v1 map for Armada II. Download if you want.


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File Description

This is a 1v1 map for Armada II. Download if you want.

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Vensuvi Map by USS_Relativity (First Map :P)

1v1 Map
	2 Planets Both Names (Geki & Haven)
	3 Normal Dilithium Moons
	1 Infinite Dilithium Moon
	6 Latinum Clouds

How Too Install
1: Extract Zip File to a temporary folder (Winzip or with WinRar)
2: Copy or cut extracted files to C:\Program Files\Activision or were your Star Trek Armada II folder is
3: Run Game

The idea for this map came from bridge commander. I tried to make it look like after the disaster with the star and coming from a realistic point of view the nebula that was left behind would take up most of the system. There are scattered asteroids around the map to simulate the idea of the debris left from the inner planets. The level is different to the others rather start with a planet right next to you and a dilithium moon you don’t there in the middle which add a bit more strategy for the player it is really fun on multiplayer since you won’t have resources that are easy to protect it makes players fight for there resources and control the system

Legal Info
If this map happens to damage your computer in any way I am not responsible neither is activision by using this map at your own free will is you own fault so by using this and it happens to kill your Hard drive its your own fault so be warned. Please not that this map is not supported by myself or activision and has been scanned with McAfee Virus Scanner before it was sent to

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