Vernin Class

This is a Vernin class starship. Looks pretty good if you ask me!


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This is a Vernin class starship. Looks pretty good if you ask me!

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Vernin Class V 1.0.2 by Michael/Fireball

Build time - 4 days

odf - yes
button - yes
wireframe - yes
install instructions - yes

model/mesh - fireball/mike
textures - fireball/mike
build buttons, wires weapons - fireball/mike
weapon sounds - twok/fireball/mike


ok this has a lot of install instructions because it has new weapons! ok.
first of all...

open your weapon.spr
in your sprites folder


# End new weapons


put theese lines

# Federation phaser Twin Phaser
tmpphas		wftmphasd	0	0	128	32	@anim=tex1x4

# Federation phaser Single Phaser
tmpphast	wftmphass	0	0	128	32	@anim=tex1x4

# Federation TMP Torp
tmpphot 	wftmphot	0	0	32	32	@anim=tex4x4

ok your done in the weapons.spr

now open your gui_global.spr

under federation build buttons
and under

put this line

b_fvernin                       Vernin_Button           0       0       64      64

then go all the way down to federation wireframes

put this line

fverninw1			Vernin_Wire	0	0	48	48		
fverninw2			Vernin_Wire	48	0	48	48		
fverninw3			Vernin_Wire	96	0	48	48		
fverninw4			Vernin_Wire	144	0	48	48		
fverninw5			Vernin_Wire	192	0	48	48

ok now go to your odf folder
go to the stations folder

open up a shipyard of your choice

and add the vernin to build there

(x representing the build item)

buildItemx = "fvernin"

after your done that

go to your techtrees

open up tech1

once thats done

go under federation ships

and put this line

fvernin.odf 2 fyard.odf fbase.odf

and after that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy :)

Hope ya have fun

- Michael P 

oh and this ship is not to be used in anymod without my permission
and you cant change the ship then release it without my permission

for permission

add me on msn or email me at

thank you

Oh and this mod only works for armada 2.

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