Viper Class

Not a bad fed vessel - but not one of the best around - if you're lookin for the best new one (?!) try the singularity class!!!


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Not a bad fed vessel - but not one of the best around - if you're lookin for the best new one (?!) try the singularity class!!!

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Readme File:
Viper Class

viperXX.SOD into \sod -folder
viperXX.odf into \odf\ships -folder
GviperXX.odf into \odf\Special_weapons - folder
all tgas into textures\rgb -folder

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as you need to edit 
your of your \sprites -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_viperoff			gbviper		0	0	64	64
b_viperon 			gbviper		0	0	64	64	

now search for:

# Special weapon buttons


b_gviperon			gbvon		0	0	64	64
b_gviperoff			gbvoff		0	0	64	64

# Wireframes
# ----------

And finaly


# Ship Wireframes
# Federation wireframes


and add following lines:

viperoffw1			fedwf20	128	128	128	128
viperonw1			fedwf20	0	128	128	128

no you have to open the from your \techtree - folder
and add these lines:

viperon.odf     0
viperoff.odf    1	 fyardXX.odf                      // Viper Class

// ***[ FEDERATION SPECIAL WEAPONS ]**************

gviperon.odf      0
gviperoff.odf     0

now open fyardXX.odf from \odf\stations -folder
and search for builditem-section
now add the following under the last entry
builditemXX = "viper"

(replace XX with a build-slot..that means if the last entry says buildbutton6 = "something" replace XX with 7 )


Original Design by Vt1023
Mesh (kitb..) by Vt1023
ODF... by everyon
texture Activsion SFC3
Armada conversion by VT1032

Conditions of use
* As with any free mesh on the web, you CANNOT use them for commercial purposes.
* You should not publish them in any way without crediting the author. I have put allot of work in modeling/texturing this mesh for you, and this is the only thing I ask in return.
* Commercial use of this mesh (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form of advertising etc.) is strictly prohibited.
* Permissions for conversion of the meshes to game formats will be granted assuming I will be notified BEFORE any releases! Not after! Also, I hold the right to intervene and even stop a release if the outcome of the conversion is not up to the generally established quality standards. 
  Further more, when you release the converted model in your project you agree to include this document along with your project's documentation as well as credits to the creator(s) in your project's documentation.

I guess that's it
Thank you for downloading this model
Have Fun

Free Community  ..... Free the Mesh ...


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