Vulcan Battle Pack



Class WarshipVulcan Naval Shipyard (Inc)Drelex: Generally thought of as an interceptor, these small Vulcan vessels are typically used as scouts, or to support the larger Sotek. Roughly the size of the Federation Sabre, the Drelex type, whilst not very powerful are fairly quick on their feet, usually able to avoid slow moving weaponry.Sotek: The flame that drives Vulcan Logic. Almost rivalling a Klingon Vorcha in size, the Sotek are considerably well armoured for a Vulcan Vessel. In addition to their size, these large red vessels can provide, as well as receive quite a pounding from enemy fire.Tokra: Rivalling the Federation Galaxy in size, the Tok'ra is a formidable Warship of the Vulcan Navy. Looking in the way of the Romulan Warbird's sheer mass, the Tok'ra is used to justify a stance by the Vulcan independence shortly after the separation from the Federation.


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