Wallace Class

A great ship by Jkerplay :)


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Federation Wallace Class

An Armada1 & Armada2 SOD versions are included along with the textures.


Put the appropriate (a1 or a2) "fwallace.SOD" in the SOD folder of your game.

Put the 2 Texture files (wallace.tga, wallace_b.tga) in the Textures/RGB folder of your game.

You will need to create an ODF file and make text entries in your TechTrees, Gui_Global.spr,  shipyard, Admirals Log. 

You may also want to create a Build Button and a WireFrame for this ship.


SOD: 		JkerPlay

Texture:	JkerPlay


I am not responsible for any damages this may cause your computer or your game.
This mod and files are not endorsed, or approved by Activision/Mad Doc.
Use at your own risk!

If you use this ship in your own mod, Then give credit to JkerPlay in the Mod's ReadMe file.

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