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A cool two player map by Weyoun. ;)


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A cool two player map by Weyoun. ;)

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How to install:

 Place all files except this readme in the BZN folder in the A2 directory.

  A strange anomaly has appeared in the Omathus sector. Starfleet sent the USS Alexander to investigate it. The Alexander reported that the anomaly was in fact a Transwarp Wormhole (A Wormhole that, unlike the Bajoran Wormhole, takes a ship from one point to another without ANY delay, meaning once the ship enters it is immediatly at the other end). The Alexander entered the wormhole after leaving behind a sensor probe so it would be able to communicate through the wormhole. The Alexander's report indicated that the wormhole lead to not another distant sector of our galaxy but instead one located in the Andromeda galaxy! Not long after it sent this report the Alexander was attacked. This is the message we recieved, " This is the USS Alexander requesting immediate assistance. We are under attack by Species 84-". We abruptly lost communications with the vessel. Starfleet sent the USS Cobra to find out what happened to the Alexander but it is obvious that the Alexander was destroyed by Species 8472. It seems their space extends way farther then anyone imagined. Your mission is to set up a base in our galaxy and build up a fleet to explore the Andromeda galaxy and eliminate the Species 8472 threat. Once this is done expect to be posted on the Andromeda end of the wormhole. Maybe we will be able to explore this new galaxy even though we may face big opposition. Starfleet Command out...

  I suggest that you place your base's startpoint in the area that is surrounded by asteriods and only accessable by a wormhole. I also suggest you play as the federation and your enemy be Species 8472 so it will fit into the story i wrote. If i could make Single Player missions I would have made this into one. Anyways hope you enjoy the map. 

Weyoun (me) for makin the map lol

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