Wirer Frame Maker

this is an addon for photoshop allowing u to make wire frames for your mod


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this is an addon for photoshop allowing u to make wire frames for your mod

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Download 'sta2_wireframe_maker.zip' (2KB)

Thanks for downloading my Startrek aramda 2 wireframe photoshop 6 action i hope this help you make wireframes easier.

to install extract the STA2_Wireframe_Maker.atn to 

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Presets\Photoshop Actions

if you installed your copy of photoshop 6 somewhere other then there you will have to find it.

then open photoshop 6 and go to the actions tab on the uper left there is a small round button with a arrow on it click it and go to load action load the STA2_Wireframe_Maker.atn now it is in the action list.

to use click on STA2 Wireframe Maker in the actions tab and click the play button it will help you from there on.

once you have a wireframe you will need to add this to your gui_global.spr file

yourshipsodw1		        yourwire		40	0	40	40		
yourshipsodw2		        yourwire		0	40	40	40		
yourshipsodw3			yourwire		40	40	40	40		
yourshipsodw4			yourwire		80	0	40	40		
yourshipsodw5			yourwire		0	0	40	40

yourshipsod being your ship sod filename exp: killership

yourwire being your new wireframe exp: killershipwire




Westworld for his big book of modding


All of the B5A2 team for being a great mod

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