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This is the third of three TLE (The Lost Era) designs, submitted by Shadow (from AFC). As with the other two, this is suppose to be a canon...


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This is the third of three TLE (The Lost Era) designs, submitted by Shadow (from AFC). As with the other two, this is suppose to be a canon design, and I do believe I have seen it, or have seen an article revolving around it. From what I know, this is also known as the Excelsior four-nacelled prototype model. It was suppose to have been a kitbash for the Wolf 359 battle.

Also, the class name isn't quite what it may appear. If it had two d's, then I'd be at a loss for words ;) The ship itself is a fairly nice one, good textures are used, and the model appears to be fairly smooth. This one would probably serve as the 'most advanced' of the three ships, being the most powerful. Once again, I may be wrong, that is just my take on it. :)

- Ash

One of Three: http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Sunna_Class;80784 Two of Three: http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Columbia_Class;80785

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Download 'woden_class.zip' (1.9MB)


here is the USS Auckland , Woden Class, my version of the Excelsior study with 4 nacelles.

It is a HQ-Model with 5594 polys. Since it runs perfectly on my computer I think that’s no problem. The SOD is scaled to fit an Excelsior in size. 

I made the model following the few photos that you can find on the net. If you want to see some reference go to  http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/   and  http://www.ditl.org  where it is listed as Defender Class. Also a fictional name.

Since this ship has no official class name since decades, I came up with one. Change it if you do not like it. It is just for gaming purposes.

I had a problem with the Wireframe this time, so it is just a picture and has no function in showing damages. Sorry for that. 


Copy all .tga-files into Armada2 / Textures / RGB
Copy the .sod-file into Armada2 / SOD
Copy the .odf-file into Armada2 / ODF / Ships
Copy the .bmp-file into Armada2 / bitmaps / Admiralslog / Shipimages

Go to Armada2 / techtree
Open tech1.tt and fulltech.tt and insert:  fdefender.odf 0

Go to Armada2 / Sprites
Open gui_global.spr
Insert the lines

# Federation build buttons


b_fdefender			gbfdefender		0	0	64	64

# Ship Wireframes


fdefenderw1			fdefenderwf	0	0	80	80
fdefenderw2			fdefenderwf	0	0	80	80
fdefenderw3			fdefenderwf	0	0	80	80
fdefenderw4			fdefenderwf	0	0	80	80
fdefenderw5			fdefenderwf	0	0	80	80


My work can be used in other persons mods if they give proper credit in the read me, under the condition that this mod stays non commercial and is not uploaded to a paysite.

There are only 2 websites where I publish my work.
You may not upload my work to any other website as singular files.

Have fun Shadow.

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