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What's better then one wormhole generator? I can tell you. It's this mod. Simply put, it gives you "module's" of wormhole construction piece...


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What's better then one wormhole generator? I can tell you. It's this mod. Simply put, it gives you "module's" of wormhole construction pieces so you can open up multiple gates when you choose to. Help your allies, retreat your ships back to your base and make a surgical strike against the enemy as you've gated off again. The concept is good, albeit slightly overpowering for the race you add it in (the install instructions are for the Federation but you could put it in any of the Alpha quadrant races really).

So, what are you waiting for - it look's pretty cool with the way the wormhole fits perfectly in the mini-ring-gates. Only biggy is the lack of a builbutton, wireframe or admiral's log. Still, it's a station and if you mass produce this...well you wouldn't need to, you have mass produceable wormholes afterall!

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Download 'wormhole1.zip' (143KB)

Hey hey !

 thanks for trying out my mod, it basicaly a kitbash (i think thats the word) of existing stations, already in the game that i've just been messing about with for a while. hopefull they look ok :)

 i'm not taking any credit for the station designs, cos you can propably already tell they were in the game already, only the way they have been recombined. 

 anyway to install...

- odf files - 

* wrmg1, wrmg2, wrmg3, wrmg4, wrmg5, wrmg6 and a portal -> odf file, (stations)

* wrm1 -> odf file (special weaopns)

* quantumbeam and quantumbeamo -> odf file ( weapons: phasers)

* wrml -> odf (other)


- sprite files -

open these files and insert these files under the correct places. they might not be together but always put them under the line the starts "@reference=XXX". When copying and pasting make sure that you d not overwrite other lines as well because it could make other build buttons dissapear, but you shud be able to copy and paste them where you feel like other than that :) 

*(under: # Federation build buttons

b_aportal		gbkrsrch00		0	0	64	64 
b_wrmg1			gbbturret 	0	0	64	64
b_wrmg2			gbbturret 	0	0	64	64
b_wrmg3			gbbsensor	0	0	64	64
b_wrmg4			gbbsensor	0	0	64	64
b_wrmg5			gbbturret 	0	0	64	64
b_wrmg6			gbbsensor	0	0	64	64

*(under:# Special weapon buttons

b_wrm1			gbmastran00		0	0	64	64	


- techtree files -

* just add these lines to the tech1 file under federation stations

aportal.odf 0

wrmg1.odf   0
wrmg2.odf   1 wrmg1.odf
wrmg3.odf   1 wrmg2.odf
wrmg4.odf   1 wrmg3.odf 
wrmg5.odf   1 wrmg4.odf
wrmg6.odf   1 wrmg5.odf

* and this extra line of federation special weapons

wrm1.odf    3 wrmg1.odf wrmg2.odf wrmg5.odf 


- techtree files -

Now, finially you need to go to the odf file, then ships and find the fconst file.

* scroll down to where you see...

buildItem0 = "fbase"
buildItem1 = "fmining"
buildItem2 = "fturret"
buildItem3 = "fsensor"
buildItem4 = "fyard"
buildItem5 = "forbital"
buildItem6 = "fresear"
buildItem7 = "fresear2"
buildItem8 = "fsuperbl"
buildItem9 = "fturret2"
buildItem10 = "fyard2"
buildItem11 = "fupgrade"
buildItem12 = "ftrading"

then add on this finial line...

buildItem13 = "aportal"

and then you shud be able to build it straight away :P

feel free to mess about with my mod, i messed about with the game and made this, so get out there and mess it up!!!!

btw - just one thing - don't alter the orderin which the stations areresearched because otherwise they'll come out unsymetrical and it looks a bit lop-sided with the wormhole manipulators on one side and the quantum generators on the other, but unless thats the way you want to to look take no notice of me.


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