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VERY nice Sphere and Cube replacements from Kleotol. DOWNLOAD!


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VERY nice Sphere and Cube replacements from Kleotol. DOWNLOAD!

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Borg Pack v II
 X – man

This patch for ST Armada II will add a new Cube, a new Sphere and the Demon Tooth to the game. Furthermore, it will enable the AI to build Fusion and Armored Fusion Cubes.

The Cube is better armed, more powerful and better shielded than the standard Cube. It carries a Modified Holding Beam with better performance, an Advanced Auto Assimilator with greater rate of assimilation and a Self Shield Re-modulation, which basically has the effects of the standard re-modulation BUT to the Cube its self and not on an allied vessel. Standard weapons are Energy Torpedo and Cutting Beam. The Cube is also equipped with the Tech Assimilator, can carry up to two (2) assimilated weapons. 
In order to prevent the balance to tip towards the Borg, the ship IS NOT equipped with an Integrator costs more resources and double the officers to build.
The Sphere is also more powerful and more expensive than the regular sphere. Standard weaponry consists of Energy Torpedo and Cutting Beam. Her specials are a better Regeneration and the Self Shield Re-modulation.
The Demon Tooth is a deadly vessel… Armed with powerful Energy Torpedoes and a Cutting Beam is dangerous opponent and only a few ships could survive a ship-to-ship engagement. Its Advanced Auto Assimilator makes the vessel even more deadly.
Further more, this game patch is built upon my earlier released Fusion Scripts, which means that the AI will be building Fusion And Armored Fusion Cubes! So, be warned…

NOTICE: The Demon Tooth in this mod does not fuse into the Demon Star for a very simple reason. The Demon Star model would be about 9.000 polygons… We certainly don’t want something like that in Armada! A more simple mesh with less details had been excluded all alone as my top priority was model quality…

You may use this game patch provided you adhere to the following conditions:

1. If you want to use this patch in any Star Trek Armada II project you agree to include this file in your project as well as credits to the creator(s). 
2. You may not re-distribute this package without expressed permission from the author. As with any free mod on the web, you CANNOT use them for commercial purposes
3. You should not edit the meshes, textures and/or other game elements included in this game patch in any way without expressed permission from the author. I have put allot of work in modelling/texturing these meshes and compiling this mod for you, and this is the only thing I ask in return.
4. Permissions for conversion of the meshes to other game formats will be granted assuming I will be notified BEFORE any releases! Not after! Also, I hold the right to intervene and even stop a release if the outcome of the conversion is not up to the generally established quality standards.
5. Commercial use of these meshes/textures (selling them, placing them on a CD for sale, using them in any form of advertising etc.) is strictly prohibited.
6. As such, any plagiarism of any of these meshes/textures/game elements will NOT be tolerated

It has come to my attention that several of the so called “new” weapons out there are nothing more than weapons directly ripped from my X-treme mod, slightly altered and then released as “new”… A fact that nearly made me stop modding. This will not be tolerated in the future. Do it, and the X- man will make no more mods for you… Just like that!
I ask that you agree to these few simple guidelines when using this game patch 
THANK YOU and let the games begin.

Simply run the provided setup application and install the patch directly in your ST Armada directory.
Caution: Unfortunately my setup generator software lacks the ability to pre-define a target directory for the installation. You will have the manually input the target directory or use the browse tool. Sorry for the inconvenience…

Simply run the uninstall script that is automatically created upon installation

Game play
Nothing really new here… Once the pre-requirements have been met, you can build the new ships and use their special weapons…
The AI has been edited to build the new ships as well as Fusion Cubes and Armored Fusion Cubes. That means that the Borg AI will be much more powerful than what it used to. No actions have been taken to preserve the balance since I strongly doubt if anything would compensate the immense firepower of a Fusion Cube… These vessels are meant to give the Borg an unstoppable unit. 

Known bugs and Issues 
There has been only one issue, which doesn’t quite fall under bugs cause it was somewhat expected… The AI CANNOT use the Self Shield Remodulation weapon. To this end, every precaution has been taken in order to prevent the AI from using that weapon even if one of your own ships gets assimilated. As a result, you cannot use the weapon even in full-tech unless you have built a turret (!). I take it you would build a turret either way, so it make no matter to you, but it makes a great difference to the AI. Needles to say how imperative it is for the tech dependencies to remain as they are…
Still, the AI may get the chance to use the weapon FOR you! When you set your ships to High Special Weapons Autonomy, you actually relinquish control of them to the AI. Sooner or later, it will try to use the weapon with undesirable results… 
To this end, I would recommend starting the game with Special Weapons Control set to manual, or at least keeping the ships equipped with the Self Shield Remodulation under “NO Special Weapons Autonomy”. 

Thanks and acknowledgements.
Quevey :		For his support and game testing.


Title:		 Borg Pack
Version: 	 2.0
Date:		 09/23/2002
Author:	 kleotol 
Email: 		mailto:[email protected]
Build time: 	Approximately 10 days.

I hope you will enjoy the patch.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 
Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright by Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

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