This is an updated X-Wing for A2. Nicely done.


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This is an updated X-Wing for A2. Nicely done.

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Mod name: Incom T-65A X-wing starfighter
Version: 1.1A2 - A2 only (!NEW!)
Author: Challenger (Challenger0111@gmx.at)

Model information
Hardpoints: 15 (01-04 laser cannons, 05,06 proton torpedo launchers)
Polygoncount: 822
team color: no
Texture maps: 2
Light map: no
Bump map: no
Borg nodes: no
venting Plasma: yes
venting Steam: yes

Wireframe: yes
Build button: yes
odf file: yes
techtree: no
weapons: yes
SOD: yes

Worktime: 45 minutes model, 2 hours textures

put the xwing.SOD and protorp.SOD files into the A2 Sod directory
put any tga file into the A2 Textures\Rbg directory
put the rlaser2.wav and torp.wav files into the A2 Sounds\effects directory

the odfs go as as follows:
xwing.odf, xwingo.odf into the odf\ships directory
xwing_phys.odf into the odf\other folder
xlaser.odf and xlasero.odf into the odf\weapons\pulse directory.
torp.odf, torpo.odf, torp2.odf, torp2o.odf into the odf\weapons\photons directory

now some editing:
open up any shipyard odf (found in odf\stations) you desire and put there the following line

buildItemX = "xwing"

where X is the next free number in that shipyard file.

now open up the techtree folder and open the tech1.tt file.
add there anywhere the line

xwing.odf 0

you will be instantly be able to build the xwing starfighter. of course, you can have prerequisites
for it, by putting a number different from zero and thereafter the needed odf files.

now, for build button, wireframe and weapon:
get into the sprites folder and open up the gui_global.spr

look for a line @reference=64 in the build buttons section and add the following line there:

xwing (tab) gbrxwing (tab) 0 (tab) 0 (tab) 64 (tab) 64

scroll further down until you find the wireframes section. there add the following lines:

xwingw1			xwing_wire	0	0	48	48		
xwingw2			xwing_wire	48	0	48	48		
xwingw3			xwing_wire	96	0	48	48		
xwingw4			xwing_wire	144	0	48	48		
xwingw5			xwing_wire	192	0	48	48

now save the file and open the weapon.spr
search for the entry

pphaser		wpulse		0	0	128	32	

add after this the line
rlaser		rlaser		0	0	128	32

now you should have the X-wing properly installed. For uninstallation, simply
undo the steps above :)

Challenger the whole mesh as well as a few texture parts
rest of the texture consists of renders from 
Harry Changs, Matt Waltons, Jose Gonzales Parejas and Matt Allens cooperative
done X-wing mesh from http://www.theforce.net/scifi3d
Full credit goes to them for the texture
Wireframe and Build button by Challenger
Laser texture and Proton torpedo weapon by the STvsSW team
Laser and Proton torpedo sounds from Xwing Alliance

Legal Mumbo jumbo:
You may use this model and textures in your mod, but if you publically release
this mod I request you add the credits in this readme to your readme file.

You may not alter the model and/or the textures without my permission, nor
re-release any parts of this mod. 
Also, it has come to my attention that there is a program to revers SOD files into editable
mesh files. I request that you refuse from using this program on my X-wing mesh, except
i have given permission (so contact me in this case)
You may release this mod "as is" with these files included in the zip on your modding site :)

Where you can catch me:
http://stgn.scifi-forums.com/ - usually in the modding discussion forum
ICQ: 53658226
Mail: Challenger0111@gmx.at
http://www.planetarmada.com in the forums
http://www.strategyplanet.com/starmada/fgx/stamada/ - the Project STAR:MADA homepage

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