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This claims to be a fleet of Yuuzhan Vong ships, which is a Star Wars race that came close to wiping out the New Republic and the remains of...


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This claims to be a fleet of Yuuzhan Vong ships, which is a Star Wars race that came close to wiping out the New Republic and the remains of the Empire.

I happened to have a SWFC installation myself, so I decided to give this an little "play testing". After extracting all the files into my SWFC folder I ran the game and saw... nothing. No new sides, stations or ships by defualt by following the installation instructions so I would say experience of modding is required to get this to work.

[update by Freyr, 12 hours from posting the file]

The author has posted to say the tech tree files are located in the textures folder, they need to be moved into the techtree folder. Once I had done this I then launched A2 and had a look. The Vong haven't been added in as their own race, which is a shame. You need to be one of the pre existing races and then build a vong construction ship to build up the tech tree.

Immediatly when I started I built a vong con ship and decommissioned everything of my normal race, which turned out to be a mistake as the Vong mining ship is unable to mine any resources. Also, the starbase has a missing texture on its torpedoes and therefore shoots big white cubes. Finally I started to build a corelskipper as the first ship of my armada and A2 promptly crashed back to the desktop which convinced me that it was time to do something else so there may well be more errors.

Personally, I wouldn't consider this a finished product because of the problems I have had with it so far. If you download this your going to have to spend some time getting it to work, and effectivly acting as a beta tester. If your just looking to download this and have some fun playing it, personally I would wait and see if the problems get solved. If you read through the comments below this then you will see whats happening.

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Download 'yuuzhan_vong.zip' (4.7MB)


This is a mod for Armada 2. This should only be used with SW:FLEET COMMAND. To install, just move all the files into your Star Trek Armada 2 folder. To uninstall, you'll have to modify the techtree to prevent the ships from being available. Trust me, it is much faster than hand-deleting EACH AND EVERY FILE!

If you have any questions or comments, send them to:
[email protected]
Have fun!

Couldn't get any screenies in here. SORRY!!!

All ships were found in the Master Crossover Mod for A1 and changed to run on A2. Thank you to those who participated in making that mod. While it didn't run, it gave us plenty of material to work with.

Included Vessels:
"A-vek Iiluunu"
"Chuun M'arh"
"G'Nocr interdictor"
"I Friil Ma-nat corvette"
"Miid Ro'ik Warship"
"Sh'rip Sh'pa Spawn ship"
"Yorik-et Coralskipper squadron"
"Suuv Ban D'krid"
"Uro-ik V'alh"
"Uumufalh gunship"
"Vua spaar interdictor"
"Yorik-et coralskipper "
"Yammosk Cluster ship"
"Intendent Coralcraft"
"ship tender"
There are also Peace Brigade vessels in this.

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