Zero Hour Romulan Warbird Pack



WarbirdType III Norexan Class WarbirdDescriptionMelak: The first Romulan vessel to be given the title of Warbird. The Melak was the equivalent of the Federation Ambassador; though some would argue they werent as powerful, those recorded incidents usually favoured the Melak over the federation counterpart.Deridex: Nearly twice the length of a Galaxy-class starship, the DDeridex Class Warbird is a common site along the Romulan boarder, and a formidable opponent in battle. Able to match, and even overpower a Vorcha Class Attack Cruiser, or a Galaxy Class Starship with comparative ease.Norexan: The latest development by the Romulan Star Empire. The Norexan is the third vessel to bear the name Warbird. Armed with pulse and phase disruptors, along with a cloaking device, makes these starships a unique adversary in any situation. For her size, the Norexan is also quite agile.


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