Star Trek: Armada II

The biggest collection of ships, stations, maps, mods and more for the Activision's second epic Star Trek RTS game, available from our fast, free download servers.

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Star Trek: Armada II Armada 2 Tournament Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to lack of participation, the Armada 2 tournament was canceled. I will be trying to run another one soon, watch this site for more details. - 32nd_radtri^Karrde


Star Trek: Armada II Armada 2 Tournament!!!

An Armada 2 Tournament will be hosted by the 32nd Fleet (Starfleet Command Series, Armada Series, Bridge Commander, And Elite Force Series) This Saturday (April the 9th)at 5pm Eastern Time. It will be run by 32nd_radtri^Karrde,please see him on Gamespy Arcade or by e-mail ( [email protected] )for...


Star Trek: Armada II New Star Trek and Starcraft Clan

This has been heavily discussed already with Sherman. I have finshed the board at and are awaiting our members/ online gamers to join. Staff available! -DM