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Star Trek: Armada II Santa Clause is coming to Armada2files!

Santa Clause is coming to Armada2files! He's got one big gift for everyone to download! Apprently. Draconis sent this in this morning: You better watch out and put your phasers in their holsters 'cause Santa's coming to your neck of the quadrant! As it turns out, he's planned a delivery for ar...


Star Trek: Armada II new D/L mirror fleetoperatiosn1.1

well if you have checked out the fleet operatiosn 1.1 it seams to be down downloading sence .so i have got a 3rd party link to a server hosted by


Star Trek: Armada II File Submission Changes....All Modders Please Read

I've added some guidelines to follow when submitting files to us. Check em out, and please follow them, as it will allow us to post files faster :)


Star Trek: Armada II *Watches Tumbleweed Roll By* Hmm, Something's Not Right...

My Inbox has been Empty for like a week now! No new files, no new love letters from the ladies (Heh...), no nothing! Wassap's banner was good, but it isn't really an A2 file :D. Modders, get off that Egg Nog hangover and give us some stuff to play with!


Star Trek: Armada II WASSAP's new site

Wassap has created a new site, but it's a bit barren now. Have a look:


Star Trek: Armada II Nemesis Shipyard

U.S.S Turendia had made an excellent looking Shipyard from Star Trek: Nemesis. Take a look: Note that it's still a WIP.


Star Trek: Armada II Send Us Your Files/Links/News!

Ships, Maps, Mods... Links to your Clan sites, Mod homepages... Recent updates with your mods... We would love to host your files, post your news, or put up your links! Send everything to [email protected]