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Star Trek: Armada II A2files online game

I know some people don't always see what happens on the forums, so... A couple of weeks ago there was some conversation about getting together for a few games of A2 online. I think the idea is a good one and we are going fowards with it. You can get more information here:-


Star Trek: Armada II Earth Conflict Forum now open

hi all Star Trek Armada: Earth Conflict has now got its own forum you can visit it on: thank you


Star Trek: Armada II The Stargate Project Forums

Just a piece of news confirming the SGP's forums are back-up and operational! Just a quick note to let you no that our forums are now backup and working properly. We apologies for any inconvenience this has caused, hopefully the forums are running smoothly again, and everything has been restored. Please let me know if there are any problems at: web...


Star Trek: Armada II MSFC Mod Hosting

Here's the news: This has been available for over 6 months. We currently have 4 major mods available there, these beings Parallels, Federations, Modern Space Combat and Babylon 5: Age of Expansion. We provide forum space and private staff subforums for modding groups for any game not just Armada 2. There are a few conditions, but they are pretty mu...


Star Trek: Armada II New Parallels/Mod Site

As the title suggests, Majestic has written in to inform us about a recent forum change. Here's what he said, Majestic Sci-Fi Central which Parallels is hosted by has just had a complete redesign. There are new forums plus Modern Space Combat, Babylon 5 Age of Expansion and Federations (All Armada 2 Mods) are now hosted there. Many new and upcoming mo...


Star Trek: Armada II The Stargate Project Forums Open For Business!

The Stargate Project Forums Open For Business! >Main Announcements. Find out all the latest news and information about the mod including progress reports! >General Discussion. Talk about anything relating to SG-1 and Atlantis >Off-topic Discussion. Talk about anything >>The Stargate Project >General Discussion. Talk about anything relati...


Star Trek: Armada II New BC Forum

As you may have seen, the BC community is falling apart, due to the unsightly unravelling of BCU. In an attempt to make sure the worst does not happen, and the BC community falls apart, we can stay together through the use of the forum found here: . Join up, we need more members so as to keep us together! The community ha...


Star Trek: Armada II Cold Front II Forum

I got a team & feedback forum online at last, here. Go check it out! :) It'll be used for feedback, giving ideas, news and image gallery & feedback areas. Everyone's welcome to sign up and post; the more comments and feedback, the better the mod. - click "Forum"


Star Trek: Armada II New Armada 2 Forums

Conquest Aresnal and Alliance Modding Group have their own forum. While it does have to do with Armada 2, it also covers other games, and has many other features. It also operates in a way unlike any forum I've ever seen before, you should check it out. You can visit it here, Check it out.


Star Trek: Armada II Cardassain War Mod Interview

Hey this is chris edmund, form the cardassain war mod, My self and the bigest wig news report Nateanite have set up a interview in the armarda 2 forums time: 15:25 pm location: armarda 2 fourms Lenth of Interview: 30 - 45 minuates Date: 3/19/03 UK translation: 19/3/03 If you can't come send you questions to: nateanite@aol....


Star Trek: Armada II BotF forums down...

The Birth of the Federation homesite forums are down, we hope they will find a new way to get the forums back up somewhere soon.


Star Trek: Armada II STGN May Be Breathing Its Last Breath...

The owners of STGN, one of the most loved and cherished Star Trek related message boards are having trouble keeping the board up, and it may be gone soon... Here's some more info:


Star Trek: Armada II the Alliance Forums have moved to a faster server!!

well come check it out, this board has only been up for a day now (the new one) so everyone come and sign up! :D


Star Trek: Armada II the Alliance forums

the Alliance is a group of mods together..... here are our forums we will soon be moved so pay attention ;) btw these forums will be used for other things than just the mod teams, everyone is welcome to come sign up ;) thanx...


Star Trek: Armada II GeNoMteam board is back up!!!

Maxxfish (fishy) has finally gotten the genom board back, plz go and look at it.


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