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Star Trek: Armada II Perpetual Announces Addition of Star Trek Legend Michael Okuda

Star Trek Online Developers Perpetual have announced that Micheal Okuda, long time series staff member, has joined the Development Team as a consultant. SAN FRANCISCO, CA -August 19, 2005 - Perpetual Entertainment, developer of the upcoming massively multi-player online game Star Trek Online under license from Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products, annou...


Star Trek: Armada II Reminder When Submitting Your Files

I would just like to remind everyone sending in files to us of the following importent rules you must follow; Screenshots MUST be Included If you don't send any screenshots with your file then your file may not get on the site (If a screenshot is not applicable then it's ok). Always use JPG format for images Always make sure your screenshots are in J...


Star Trek: Armada II James Doohan (Scotty) Dies Aged 85

James Doohan, the actor best known for his role as the intergalactic engineer Scotty in Star Trek, has died at his home in the US. He was 85. Doohan lost his struggle against pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease this morning in Washington State, according to his agent and friend Steve Stevens. A Canadian actor with a knack for accents, Doohan became insep...


Star Trek: Armada II James Doohan=Hollywood walk of Fame

Apperently James Doohan is getting a realy high honor....the Hollywood Walk of Fame! When I got onto I found this beatuy: James Doohan is geting a star oh the hallywood walk of Fame here is the link to the entire artical :


Star Trek: Armada II armada 2.5 needs help

for those of you who have downloaded the samples of the armada 2.5 mod the team want to no if they work cause they havent been tested. So if you could leave comments saying either if it works or it dosnt. this would help the mod out alot. mdcobbin


Star Trek: Armada II Star Trek XI A Possibility?

AA1 Has found some intresting Information on about what *could* be the next Star Trek film, but from reading what has been said below its not looking too promising a movie even if it is made. I dunno about you but i sure wont be sitting in a cinema for two hours watching some stuff in the academy. Still.... read on: Rick Berman, Execu...


Star Trek: Armada II Voice Actors Needed for Fan Film

I had Iggy post a news report a few month ago about my Armada2 / Star Trek Fan Flim. I am in need of voiceover people to fill in roles. If you would like to help him out please contact him at:


Star Trek: Armada II Star Trek First Contact

well startek first contack is on abc saterday at 8:00pm


Star Trek: Armada II Modding cencus

The Star Trek Clan Directory and Star Trek Mod Directory is holding its annual gamers census during May, June and July of this year, is there any chance you can make a news announcement? we are REALLY looking for modders to take part in this as well as there is a modding section in the 20 questions of the census. The results will be displayed for everyone...