Star Trek: Armada II

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Star Trek: Armada II Introducing.... Starbase 34

In the beginning, there was the Big Book of Modding. Assembled by Westworld and Kleotol, it was full of the sorts of information that modders salivated after and dreamed of knowing for themselves. Fortunately it was easy to download as a .doc file and access was often a point of reference for many o...


Star Trek: Armada II Affiliation with IFT

You may have noticed the added affiliates button on the side for the International Federation of Trekkers. Well, so that you know what they're about, here's something for you to read. I personally find it rather interesting and I hope you do too. "The History of IFT is an interesting one, organiz...


Star Trek: Armada II New A2 Mod Website Just For Star Fleet Ships And Stations

Here's what Frontier had to say. Is A New A2 Mod Site Just For Star Fleet 24 Century Ships And Stations We Havent Got Many Mods At The Moment So Please Send Us Some ,HMS Frontier Out


Star Trek: Armada II ST Armada II: Convergence Site

CONVERGENCE MOD: New site for this Armada 2 mod: We have been doing some research and development into the project most recently, but also are getting together some ideas for the mod.


Star Trek: Armada II New Armada Modding Website

A new Armada2 modding website, Starbase 176 , is now open for busness. It is currently not finished, and won't reach it's full potental for some time. My personal opinion, remove the banner that follows the mouse. Other than that, it has a base potental.


Star Trek: Armada II New Star Trek RPG airs!

Star Trek fans everywhere, there's a new Star Trek RPG online. It's called the USS Poseidon. It premiers On July 22nd, 2004. Come, visit us at our website, and join in the fun!


Star Trek: Armada II Alliance Modding Group Assistance Network is now up!

The Alliance Modding Group Assistance Network (ModNet) is now up. The URL is: We support Armada and Armada II mods, and with an additional influx of talented modders, we will expand, but until we get tho...


Star Trek: Armada II Galactic Fleet Command Website

The website for Galactic Fleet Command is up. I will be adding and updating NEWS on the Home page every so often. Thanks! Sovereign GFC and BP Mod Leader Hopefully they will release the URL soon! Nateanite-The site address is


Star Trek: Armada II New Site

A new site has been made, here is a quote from the sites creator. this is the CMDing officer of holo stuidos, I know it's taken a little while long than expected but the Holo studios has it's web site the adress is


Star Trek: Armada II New Site!!

A new site, made by our very own Armada2Files staff member Iggy, has been made. Here are some site details. Hey all! After getting several good responses to my Storm 3d PotDs, I've created a A1 and A2 site especially for them. Its called Iggy's Star Trek Armada Pic's, although I do use A2 models a...