Star Trek: Armada II

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Star Trek: Armada II Happy Birthday to me!

Yup, Its my (FireFly_194's) Birthday! :D I am now 14. Officially my b-day is tomorrow, but, oh well :) .


Star Trek: Armada II Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all from Armada2Files Staff + Files Network Staff :)


Star Trek: Armada II Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Get yourselves a turkey, go visit family, share what your thankful for, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Star Trek: Armada II eDimensional (from the 3D Glasses) opens UK Office to service the entire EU

You might have seen their ads around the site, and you must have read Mr. Greg's E-D glasses / Armada 2 review. eDimensional, creator of the E-D glasses (kick ass 3D!!!) has opened up a distribution center in the UK. This will drop shipping costs for Europeans from 30 euros to 5 euros, now that's a...